How To Make Hair Clips

Hair clips are a great accessory for any outfit.It's possible that hair clips from the store don't have what you want.To make your hair clips the way you want them, you can get some supplies.To show off your hair clips, match them with your outfit.

Step 1: You can use fake jewels to make a decoration.

Pick out some large fake jewels, some studs, or some rhinestones at the craft store if you want to jazz up your plain metal barrettes.You can either fill up your barrette completely or grab a few small ones for a more subtle decoration.You can find large gold studs for a barrette.For a more toned-down look, grab a few earth-toned jewels.For an expensive hairpiece, use small pearls on a gold barrette.The stems of fake flowers can be used to make a barrette.

Step 2: Attach a dot of hot glue to your hair.

Wait for the hot glue gun to warm up.Put a small dot of hot glue on the top of your barrette.Try to keep the glue neat and on the top of the barrette.When using hot glue, be careful.It is very hot and can burn you if you touch it.

Step 3: For about 10 seconds, hold the stud or jewel against the glue.

Press the dot of hot glue against the decoration you want to add.Take your hand away and let the glue dry for a few seconds.It's perfect for quick crafts because of the quick drying of hot glue.

Step 4: Continue adding decorations until your barrette is covered.

If you want to keep going down the line until you have one bedazzled accessory, you can stick with 1 large jewel at the end of your barrette.Attach any more decorations using your hot glue gun.You can hot glue fake feathers onto your barrette.If you want a fun alternative to fake jewels, pick out a few beads.For a fun statement piece, try mixing and matching the colors of your jewels.

Step 5: Pick out a smooth top.

It's best to stick washi tape on smooth surfaces.There are alligator clips that don't have holes or openings in the top.Since the tape isn't wide, it works best on thin, small clips.

Step 6: Cut a strip of Washi tape that is 2.5 cm longer than the clip.

You can pick the pattern you want.If you want to give yourself some room, hold the tape next to the clip and cut it a little bit longer than the whole clip.There are many patterns to choose from, like stripes, polka dots, and floral.

Step 7: Attach the Washi tape to the top of the clip.

The tape should be over the top of the clip.Use your fingers to smooth out any bumps after you stick the tape to the tip.It is okay if the tape sticks out.

Step 8: Remove excess tape with scissors.

Since the Washi tape is a little bit wider than your clip, there could be some sticky spots on the edge.To get rid of tape that isn't compatible with the clip, use scissors.Make sure the tape doesn't get stuck to your hair if there are sticky areas on your clip.

Step 9: A 22 by 11 cm piece of fabric can be cut.

You can choose the fabric that you want to use for your bow.To cut out the main body of the bow, you need to use a ruler and scissors.For a cute, spring-time look, try a floral pattern.If you want a versatile bow, grab some polka dot or striped fabric.

Step 10: Cut another 10 by 3 cm of the same fabric.

There is a thin strip of fabric in the center of the bow.Measure out a second rectangle with a ruler and then cut it with scissors.You can use the same fabric for both a bow and a statement piece of fabric.

Step 11: Glue the halves of the large rectangle together.

Turn the fabric over so the wrong side faces you, then fold one side up to hit the center of the rectangle.Use hot glue to keep them together after folding the other side down.Since you will be sticking them down with glue, you don't need to be precise about your folds.

Step 12: Glue the ends of the fabric together.

Take the right and left sides of the fabric and fold them in towards the center, keeping the rectangle in the same position.They can be stuck to each other with hot glue.The loose bow shape will be created without the curves or ruffles.

Step 13: Glue the small strip of fabric around the bow.

Take your small piece of fabric and wind it around your large piece.To get a curved bow shape, pull it tight to make the center of the bow crease.Hot glue the fabric at the back of the bow.If you need to fluff up the fabric in the middle before you glue it down, use your fingers.The bow should be crimped in the middle.

Step 14: Attach the bow to the barrette.

Attach a small dot of hot glue to the center with a large clip or barrette.Put the bow on the clip so that it covers the whole thing.Hold the bow for 10 seconds to let it bond.

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