How To Pee in a Bottle

You are stuck in a tent on a road trip and there is no bathroom nearby.You need to go when you have to.If you have a bottle around, you can find a solution to your problem.It is much easier to pee in a bottle with the right approach.We have put together a list of things you can do to relieve yourself.

Step 1: You do not want to run out of room.

Most people pee about 2 cups at a time.If you want to avoid an overflow situation, make sure you choose a bottle that can hold enough liquid.If you can, go with a wide mouth.A water bottle has a narrower mouth than a sports drink bottle.The amount of volume the bottle holds on the label will usually be listed.It can be difficult to find smaller openings on bottles.Don't use a glass bottle, it often has smaller openings.It is something nobody wants happening, so steer clear of cans with edges that could potentially cut you.

Step 2: Aim easy to avoid messes.

When you are ready to go, get into a position that will allow you to hold the opening of the bottle next to your body.For guys, that may be a kneeling position, and girls may want to take a comfortable squatting position if you are in a cramped space such as a vehicle or tent.Pull over if you want to go to the restroom.It could lead to spills if you try to go while driving.It is possible to get more room to use the bottle by climbing into the backseat.

Step 3: This can be useful for women.

There are a variety of devices that can be used for this purpose.If you are concerned about spills or missing the opening of the bottle, place a pee funnel against your body.When you're done, be sure to clean the funnel.pee funnels can be found at your local sports and outdoors shop.You can place an order online.A cone with a sheet of paper could be used as a makeshift funnel.

Step 4: It can help prevent overflows.

Slowly start to pee, making sure you get into the bottle.The bottom of the bottle should be tilted toward the ground.That way the liquid doesn't flow back towards you and cause a mess.

Step 5: You should keep it closed until you can dispose of it.

To keep the smell contained, close the lid quickly once the deed is done.If you can't properly dispose of the bottle, keep it away.You can empty the bottle out on the side of the road if you don't want to store it.Don't litter and leave the bottle behind.

Step 6: The spread of germs could make you sick.

Germs can make you and others sick if you don't wash your hands after you go to the bathroom.It is a good idea to wash your hands after you finish.To wash your hands, use soap and water.

Step 7: You don't want to have mix-ups.

You can mark the bottle with a marker and write something like "Do not drink" or "X" on it.You might want to keep the bottle out of sight as well.Just to be safe.

Step 8: Please don't litter and find a garbage can.

It is illegal in many places to leave bottles full of pee on the side of the road.Wait until you see a dumpster or trash can that can be used to dispose of the bottle.You do not want to make someone else pick up your bottles.