How To Split and Store Your Bath Bombs

bath bombs are expensive.You can double the amount of baths you can take if you split them in half.Only a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer are needed to split them.

Step 1: There is a plastic sandwich bag.

The bath bomb should be placed in the corner of the bag.It is more difficult to split a bath bomb that does not have a seam.

Step 2: The bag should be on the cutting board.

You should be working on a sturdy surface.Put a damp towel underneath your cutting board to keep it in place.

Step 3: Put the tip of the screwdriver into the seam.

Make sure your bath bomb doesn't move, it could cause your screwdriver to slip.A friend could hold the bath bomb while you split it.If your bath bomb is not spherical, cut it in half with a knife.If your bath bomb is unwieldy and doesn't have a seam, you can crush it with a hammer and split it into two bags.

Step 4: The screwdriver's handle can be tapped with a hammer.

The screwdriver is forced into the seam.The bath bomb splits down the center when you tap.Don't hit your fingers.You should keep the pieces in your bath.

Step 5: The other half of the bath bomb should be put in a sandwich bag.

As much air as possible be removed from the bag.To cut off the excess part of the bag, tie a knot above the bath bomb and use scissors.You can use plastic wrap to wrap each half.

Step 6: Store them separately.

Don't put more than one bomb in a bag.If you want to get one half of the bath bomb, you will have to open the bag and seal it.

Step 7: There is a store in a dark place.

You can put your bath bombs in a plastic container or mason jar.They should be kept away from heat, light, and humidity in a bathroom cabinet or closet.

Step 8: Do not display your bath bombs.

You should not display your bath bombs even if they are in plastic bags.Putting them on display can lead to oxidation, which makes the bath bombs lose their effectiveness when added to water.

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