How To Tell if Someone Is Ignoring Your Calls and Decide What to Do About It

It can be difficult to tell if someone is avoiding you.This can make you feel anxious and awkward.There are a few things you can do to know if you are being avoided.You will need some social skills to smooth things between you and your friend once you know where you stand.

Step 1: You can check your call log.

If you haven't heard from your friend in a while, check to see if your calls have been missed.What is the ratio of missed calls to answered calls?You should notice how long the call was, how often you call, and whether or not they have called you.If the balance of missed calls, answered calls and placed calls seems off to you, think of other reasons.They might not be able to buy phone credit/minutes/top-up regularly or their phone plan is limited.

Step 2: Are you calling at a convenient time?

Think of things that your friend is doing.Think of any activities they might be doing if you know them well and are aware of their schedule.They might be in a meeting or driving.Maybe this is the time of day when they take a nap or sleep early.They might be attending an event that is not part of their regular routine.Maybe the phone is on silent or the battery needs to be charged.Don't jump to conclusions.They may have a reason not to answer your call.

Step 3: Take a look at the state of your relationship.

Is recent events making things awkward between you and your friend?Can they not call you because they are busy?Think about how they treated you recently.It is possible that your calls are being avoided if they have been cold.Be cautious.Again, be careful not to make conclusions.It's possible that your assessment of your relationship is biased.Ask your friend for advice on the matter.

Step 4: Call back later in the day.

Pick a time when they are available to speak.If they're rushing to pick it up, let the phone ring for at least a minute.It's possible that their phone is out of reach in another room.The benefit of the doubt is given to them.

Step 5: You can call from another phone.

Call back if they don't answer.If they still don't answer, leave a message asking them to call you back and give you a brief explanation of why you're calling.Unless you are in an emergency, don't call anyone more than once.This can be annoying and rude.If you leave a voice message, keep it short and to the point, state your name and phone number.You should state who you want to speak to when you call a number that they share with others.Speak calmly and clearly.If the person you are calling is an acquaintances or someone you know well, this is important.

Step 6: Ask a friend if they've talked to them recently.

It is possible that your mutual friend knows if your friend is avoiding calls or if they are busy with another activity.Your friend may be able to tell you if your calls are being avoided.

Step 7: Ask someone else to call you.

If your call isn't answered, have someone else call you.It is possible that your friend is avoiding your calls if their call is answered but yours isn't.Explain the situation to your friend if you are close to them.If your call isn't answered, they might tell you that you were both trying to call.Pick a friend who is socially intelligent and someone who gets along well with others and who you have seen successfully navigate tricky social situations such as making peace between two friends.A socially intelligent friend can give you advice.

Step 8: Try a different form of communication.

It's possible that your friend prefers texting over talking on the phone.You will know which mode of communication they prefer if you are close to them.They use a lot of social media platforms.

Step 9: Evaluate the relationship.

Is this a close friend or a family member who you want to have a good relationship with?Has anything happened recently that could explain their behavior?Did you do anything that offended them recently?If the answer is no, then ask yourself if you should worry about it.If you need to, try other means of communication, and brush it off.If your friend ignores you, consider reducing the number of calls you make.This will make it less likely that you will be hurt.If you want the relationship to be smooth, you'll need to make it better.

Step 10: Change your behavior.

If you know that something you are doing is the reason your calls are being avoided, try to stop doing it.You should pay special attention to the way you use the phone.If you know that your friend doesn't like to gossip, avoid gossiping about them when you call them.If you have recently hurt their feelings, meet with them or write to apologize.They are not likely to avoid you when you make a mistake with a person.

Step 11: Talk to them in person.

If you want to get to the heart of the matter, you should talk to them about what is going on.You can meet them at a time that is convenient for both of you.If you have a long discussion, you should set aside enough time.Tell them that you've noticed that they haven't called you in a while.

Step 12: Speak in a friendly voice.

Speak in a way that is not accusatory.It's important if they're already angry.You might make your relationship worse if you are confrontational.The tone in which it is said sours friends.

Step 13: Don't be afraid to be direct.

Ask them why they are avoiding your calls.Ask them if they would like to talk about something you have done.Mention the times you have called them.Listen without interruption to their explanation.Explain what you think about the situation.You don't want to blame someone for the problem, you're trying to solve it.

Step 14: Address any issues they bring up.

Discuss solutions to points raised.You want to make things better between you, this will show them.Think of things from their point of view.If you think you can make things better between you, follow through.

Step 15: Move on.

Rather than avoiding each other, agree to bring up issues in the future.Problems don't solve them and are often worsened by avoiding them.Sometimes life becomes more busy than usual or friends grow apart over time.If it is difficult for your friend to talk on the phone as often as you used to, try to find other ways to stay in touch.

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