How To There are duplicate things in excel.

You can learn how to remove duplicate entries from a spreadsheet.

Step 1: Click the document to open it.

This will open the spreadsheet.From the "Recent" section of the tab, you can open an existing document.

Step 2: Pick your data group.

Click the top entry, hold down Shift, and click the bottom entry.Click the top- left entry, then the bottom-right entry if you're selecting multiple columns.

Step 3: You can click the Data tab.

There is a tab on the left side of the green ribbon.

Step 4: Click the ones you want to remove.

The "Data Tools" section is located near the top of the excel window.There is a pop-up window with the option of selecting or de-selecting columns.

Step 5: Make sure the column you want to edit is selected.

You can de-select the column in question by clicking on the box next to it.All columns next to the one you choose will be listed and checked here.You can click on the columns you want to select.

Step 6: Click OK.

If you do that, you will remove any duplicate selections from your spreadsheet selection.Pick one column at a time if you know there are more than one.

Step 7: Click the document to open it.

You can use the Conditional Formatting feature to check for duplicate values in the spreadsheet.If you don't want to remove them by default, this is a good way of looking for them.From the "Recent" section of the tab, you can open an existing document.

Step 8: In your data group, click the top- left cell.

It will be selected if you do so.The "Date" and "Time" should be excluded.From your selection.Click the left-most entry if you're just selecting one row.Click the top-most entry if you're just selecting one column.

Step 9: Click the bottom-right cell if you want to hold down.

The data will be selected between the top- left corner and the bottom-right corner.Click the cell with the most data in it if you're selecting one row.Click the bottom-most entry if you're selecting one column.

Step 10: You can click on the Formatting option.

It can be found in the "Styles" section of the Home tab.Doing so will prompt a menu change.Clicking near the top of the window will allow you to view this option.

Step 11: Select the rules you want to highlight.

There is a window that pops out from here.

Step 12: Click multiple values.

The pop-out menu has it at the bottom.All duplicate values will be selected by Clicking this option.

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