How to turn a bathtub into a Jacuzzi is a story by The Bathtubber and A Thrifty Mom.

I want to win a jacuzzi on The Price is Right.I have a fiberglass tub with tile around it and the occasional bath bomb.How can my bathtub be turned into a jacuzzi?If(type of __ez_fad_position!= 'undefined')

There are many options, from cheap and temporary to expensive and permanent.These include:

Are you interested in me?Is it possible to see yourself reclining in your new hot tub, as the aches and pains disappear, and your bathtub selfies appear on social media?

The hot tub and Jacuzzi are essentially the same thing.Band-Aid and Kleenex are brand names that are commonly used to refer to a bandage, and Jacuzzi is a brand name that has taken on the meaning of a deep hot bath with jets.

How will we make a regular bathtub into a jacuzzi, a type of bathtub that typically starts at $2,500 to purchase new?There are several steps you can take that will make you feel like you are in a hot tub.It is possible to transform your bathtub into a jacuzzi.

An overflow drain cover is the first thing you need to transform your bathtub into a jacuzzi.Do you know where the overflow drain is?The metal piece beneath the bathtub faucet slowly sucks the joy out of your hot bath.

You can buy an overflow drain cover for as little as $6 to $10.You can increase the depth of water in your bathtub by about 3 inches with this little piece of brilliance.

The length of your index finger is what I want you to know.It's possible to take your bath from boring to blissful.

Please allow me to present the evidence because I know that is a big claim.There are thousands of similar reviews on Amazon for this very low-tech item.

I can fill the tub and not hear the sound of half my water going down the drain.

The bathtubs are shallow in our new home.My soul was being ripped to shreds as I soaked in a measly 7′′ of water.Devastating!The quality of my life was improved by this product.

I was halfway to turning my fiberglass tub into a spa when I got my overflow drain cover.If(type of __ez_fad_position!= 'undefined')

The overflow drain cover is made of silicone.On the inside, the part that fits over the drain is 4 inches in diameter, but 6 inches on the outside.There is a bunch of cups around it.The biggest problem I had was getting little cups to stick the wall.

After consulting the fine print, I figured it out quickly: I just wet the entire drain cover, then held it to the wall and pressed down each cup one at a time, beginning at the bottom.

I have an overflow drain valve.I moved the overflow drain a few inches higher in the tub because the drain cover had a hole on the top.

There is something relaxing about having my neck covered in warm water.

I am very excited about my new lights.They have a remote that I can use to choose the mood lighting.To create a spa environment, put 2 or 3 in the tub.

Magnets and cups to adhere to your tub's sides are included in the more expensive packs.The less expensive options don't come with a fastening device, so you just drop the lights into the bathtub.

You can change the colors of the lights with a remote that comes with the batteries.Cool, or what?If(type of ez_fad_position!= 'undefined')

Did you know you can buy a portable jet spa?Or a few of them?The electric-powered devices hang from the edge of the bathtub.

This sounds like the easiest way to transform your bathtub into a jacuzzi, but buyer beware!

You have to approach these spas with the right mindset.You will be disappointed if you expect the power of a jacuzzi jet.If you are okay with a device that gently agitates the water, releases a stream of bubbles and can cover a foot of your body at a time, you will be satisfied.If the cup sticks to the side of the tub.

If you are not happy with the portable jet spa, you can return it.If the jet spa works well, you can purchase a second or third.

The pricier models come with additional features such as a dual jet stream, or a telescopic neck that allows you to adjust the height of the bubbles.

You should check the length of the power cord to make sure it is safe to use in your bathroom.Those with stronger jet streams will make more noise.

You can target the jet to a specific spot and get some relief with these devices.

Each time you leave the bathtub, you need to remove the jet spa.They might ruin the jet spa by getting it wet if the next person doesn't notice.

The jacuzzi bath mat is more promising than the jet spa.The two items are not designed to work together.The jacuzzi bath mat is my choice between the two.I love the electric bath mats.

There is a long mat on the bottom of the bathtub.It is connected to an air hose and a motorized air pump.The prices range from $90 to $190.

The most expensive versions come with a remote that you can use.

If the cups adhere to your tub, you'll either love or hate it.If you have a textured bathtub, you are more likely to have problems with the cups.You will probably like the bubble massaging mat if you have a good stick.If you wet the bottom of the bathtub before you press down on the cups, you will be fine.It says to wet the bottom of the tub first, but I think a lot of people don't do that.

A lot more of your body will be targeted and you will get a much stronger massage with bubbles than from the electric bubble bath mat.It will be louder than a portable jet spa because of the more powerful jet stream.

I think the electric bath mat could be a fun holiday gift for my niece, because who doesn't deserve a little extra fun and relaxation these days?!

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We have saved the best for last.It is time to discuss the real deal.How do you make your bathtub feel big?

We are going to look at how you install whirlpool jets to transform your old tub into a jacuzzi.

It can be done in a few hours by real handy types, but you might consider buying the hardware and labor to get it done.

We have to talk cost, but I don't want to burst your bubble.You could be looking 5 grand if you buy a real jacuzzi that starts at $2,500USD.

We have put a little perspective on this.

The process involves drilling holes for the jets.It is easier to do this on a bathtub that is not fixed in place, but you can still do it without removing the tub from the wall.

If you decide to replace your bathtub with a jetted tub, you can find lots of options.There is a great selection of the Luxury Water Jetted and Air Bubble Bathtub.Air and water jets are used for a more targeted massage in this combo tub.You can see it here on Amazon.

If you want to buy a hot tub that fits 4-12 bathers, you should check out How to Buy a Hot Tub: Ultimate Guide.You will get tips that can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

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Is it possible to use a bubble bath in a hot tub?You can use a bubble bath if you have a portable jet spa or bubble massage device.Start with 14 the amount of bubble bath recommended on the bottle.If you are in a whirlpool hot tub, avoid using a bubble bath as it can cause problems with the jets and whirlpool system.

There are health benefits to soaking in a hot tub.Reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and promoting the healing of injuries can be achieved by soaking in a hot tub.A good soak can help you sleep.Some people think it can promote weight loss.

Is there any risk in soaking in a hot tub?People with blood pressure regulation problems, people with certain skin conditions, and heart patients who have been told to avoid exercise are not recommended for hot tubbing.Ask your doctor if you are in doubt.

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