How to use a toe kick saw is shown in the eHow Best Toe Kick Saw Guide.

The primary use for toe-kick saws is to cut through flooring underneath a cabinet overhang.The small blade on a toe-kick saw juts out from the side of the unit so that it can fit where a normal saw can't.Many contractors use toe-kick saws for all flooring removal because it is more than capable of cutting through wood or tile.

Put your left and right hands on the forward and rear handles.The safety button should be on the side of the handle.

At the same time, press in and hold the safety button.Release the safety button when the motor starts to work.tilt the saw to the right until the depth you need for the cut is reached.The saw should be pushed forward to complete the cut.The saw blade will hit the concrete if you hear a grinding sound.tilt the unit to the left to raise the blade.

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