How To Use powdered butter.

It can be used for cooking and baking.It can be used as a substitute for a liquid.It gives dips and dressings a dairy flavor.It can be stored in a dry place for up to 10 years.

Step 1: It's better to substitute powdered buttermilk for liquid one.

Depending on the brand, the amount you need will vary.Check the label of your food.A general rule of thumb is to substitute 1 cup of water for every 120 mL of buttermilk in a recipe.

Step 2: As usual, bake your recipe.

If you are substituting powdered buttermilk for liquid, follow the recipe.When you normally add the buttermilk, add your mixture of powdered and water.The recipe should be the same.

Step 3: If a recipe calls for it, mix your buttermilk into the dry ingredients.

While you're mixing ingredients like eggs or butter, you can add liquid buttermilk.If a recipe calls for powdered buttermilk, it is added to the dry ingredients.You mix the buttermilk with flour, baking soda, salt, dried spices, and any other dry ingredients for baked goods.

Step 4: Sprinkle powdered butter over popcorn.

It is possible to add a dairy flavor to popcorn.Add a dash of salt and onion powder to the mix.If you want to add a little extra flavor to your popcorn, sprinkle this over it.The powder could be used for similar snacks.

Step 5: It's a good idea to mix powdered buttermilk into dipping sauces.

If you want to add a flavor to the dipping sauce, sprinkle in some powdered buttermilk and mix it into the sauce.Adding powdered buttermilk to dips, dressings, and sauces can be done regularly.Add onion powder and salt to make it taste better.The best dipping sauces to use are creamier ones.It might not work with things like marinara.

Step 6: Add a dash of powdered buttermilk to casseroles.

If you're making a casserole or a dish like a quiche, use powdered buttermilk.The batter should have a little bit of buttermilk added to it.Extra flavor and thickness will be added to the texture.

Step 7: An airtight container is what you should keep your powdered butter in.

Before you put it away, make sure to place it in a container.You can usually use the container it came in, as that's generally, but you sometimes need to transfer the buttermilk to a Tupperware container or something similar.

Step 8: It is a good idea to store your powdered buttermilk in a dry place.

If it's kept away from heat and light, it will last longer.The back of a pantry that's far away from the oven is a good place to store your buttermilk.

Step 9: When it smells bad, throw it out.

There is a strong sour odor when powdered buttermilk is expired.The powdered buttermilk is no longer good.

Step 10: If you want a longer shelf life, store it in a plastic container.

It should last two years in the original container.It can last up to 10 years if you transfer it to a plastic container.

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