How To Wear Ankle Boots With Dresses

Have you ever wondered how to wear those cute ankle boots in your favorite dress?There is a world of fashion behind dresses with ankle boots.

Step 1: If you want to wear them with more outfits, pick boots that are neutral colors.

The majority of neutral colors are black and brown.Nude/tan, white, and gray are also available.Both silver and gold are neutral and are great for evening looks.You should plan ahead.White booties and a black dress are examples of contrasting colors.This will cut your legs in half and make them look short.

Step 2: If you want to make your legs appear longer, go for boots with a heel.

The more slender your shoe is, the more chic and sophisticated your outfit will look.If you want a more dressy look, a sleek, slender shoe is ideal.

Step 3: If you have large feet, wear boots that are made from a matt material.

Things look bigger with shiny materials.Things appear smaller when they are made of matt materials.

Step 4: If you want your legs to appear slimmer, go for boots with a wider cuff.

The cuff of the boot should extend past the ankle.It is possible to skip excessive details, such as heavy embellishment or lots of straps.The bulk will be added to the ankle area.

Step 5: If you will be on your feet a lot, consider boots with rounded toes.

After hours of walking, these styles are more comfortable than pointed toes and high heels.They can be used for casual, day-time looks.

Step 6: Consider boots with pointed toes for special occasions.

These styles look better because of the pointed toes and high heels.They are great for elongating the leg.They are great for date nights where you won't be walking a lot.

Step 7: Choose boots that fit your body shape.

Different boot styles will help balance your body out.If you have a pear-shaped body, your hips are wider than your shoulders.There is a simple pair of ankle boots.Your shoulders are wider than your hips if you have an inverted triangle.There are brightly colored boots.Heavily embellished styles will work as well.This will make the legs appear larger.Your hips, waist, and shoulders are the same size if you have a rectangle body shape.A pair of detailed boots will give the illusion of curves.Your waist or torso will be the widest point if you have an apple body shape.A pair of brightly colored boots is a good idea.This will give the illusion of curves and draw attention away from your waist.

Step 8: If you want to make your legs appear longer, choose boots that flatter your body type.

Different boot styles will help balance out height, curves, or lack of curves.If you are short and slim, go for heeled boots that cover the ankle.This will make your legs look bigger.Don't wear boots that end at the ankle.

Step 9: If you are curvy, choose boots with a pointed toe.

You will get a longer, sleeker look with this.Don't bother with the cuff details if you are tall and curve.Too much detailing along the cuff will make your calves look thicker than they are.Go for plain cuffs.You can go with any style of boot if you are tall and slender.

Step 10: The most flattering dress is one that ends above the knee.

Anything that ends in the mid-thigh is ideal.Your legs will appear longer if your dress is shorter.Long dresses are not recommended for ankle boots because they shorten the leg.If you must wear a longer dress, consider wearing opaque tights that match the color of your boot.Black boots and black tights are ideal.This will make you look taller.

Step 11: Wear long dresses with care.

Long dresses tend to make the legs look too short, so they are not recommended for booties.You can get a dress with a hem that ends just above the boot to resolve this.If you want to wear a dress with a slit up the side, try one.You can keep your legs from looking short by using these tricks.Pair long dresses with boots that have slim toes.Casual boots with wide cuffs look better with shorter dresses.

Step 12: If you plan on wearing a lot of accessories, you should consider a simple dress.

It will allow your accessories to shine through without making your outfit appear cramped.The dress can have a pattern on it, if you'd like, but it should be light and airy.

Step 13: Don't wear sleek, sheath dresses with boots that are too large.

Heavy boots will "weigh" the dress down.A simple strap isn't going to take away from the look.

Step 14: You can choose a dress based on your body type.

You can draw the focus away from certain areas if you wear a dress with your boots.If you're short and slim, try bubble skirts, rompers, and mini dresses.To make your legs look longer, wear tights that match your boot.If you are curvy, try an A-line dress that ends just above the knee.Your legs will appear shorter if you wear dresses that end below the knee.If you are tall and curvy, look for a long tunic-type dress or a semi-voluminous dress with dark tights.This will make your legs appear bigger.A dress that ends just above the knee is a good choice for tall and slender people.

Step 15: With care, mix and match boots and dresses.

Not all boot styles work with all dresses.A boring outfit can look more interesting with contrast between boot and dress styles.The wrong type of contrast can make your outfit look clashy, and not in a good way.It's not a good idea to wear thick, bulky boots with a dress.When putting your outfit together, keep in mind the following tips: Pair boots with pointed toes and slender heels with nicer dresses.Pair boots with rounded toes and flats with casual dresses.Try sleek dresses with boots.You can go crazy with the accessories if your dress is simple.For a vintage feel, try cowboy styled boots and dresses.

Step 16: Be sure to match your dress and incorporate your boots' style into your accessories.

Studs or beaded trim are things to note on your boots.Choose accessories that match the details.Look at the style of your dress if your boots are plain.Adding a wide, leather belt, some feather earrings, and a necklace made from natural stones is a great way to add flair to your outfit.Adding a studded leather belt and some silver jewelry to a simple dress with leather boots and studded boots is a good idea.A long necklace, a fedora, and leather ankle boots all look great for a bohemian look.

Step 17: Add a jacket to play around with layers.

A matching jacket can make a girlish outfit look more formal.A fit and flare dress with slender-heeled booties will give you a flirtatious and girlish look.Adding a jacket and belt over the dress will give you a more professional look.

Step 18: The accessories should be toned down if the boots are embellished.

You might want to keep the rest of your outfit simple if you already have a lot of zippers, studs, or straps.Your dress is also included.Try a simple belt, scarf, or stud earrings instead.Your outfit will look busy if your accessories and dress are too detailed.

Step 19: If your boots and dress are simple, add more accessories.

A dress and boots are blank canvases.You can add a statement necklace and longer earrings.You can use other accessories, such as a belt, bag, and hat.If you add too many accessories, your outfit will look too cluttered.

Step 20: If you have a simple dress and boots, try patterned tights.

Black tights and black boots are great for making your legs look longer, but they won't make your outfit look interesting.The tights will.Make sure that your tights match your outfit.If your dress has roses on it, try tights made from lace with a rose design.If your boots have a print on the cuff, try tights with a weave.

Step 21: You can make your waist look thinner by adding a belt.

A wide, leather belt over a flowing dress made from cotton or linen is a more bohemian look.A slim belt over a plain sheath dress with boots is a more chic look.