How To Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots

It is as if skinny jeans and ankle boots were made for each other.The way you style your jeans can affect your overall look.For example, wearing rolled up jeans looks better with ankle boots.Along with styling your jeans, choosing the best boots for your style and the right outfit to match will make you look awesome.

Step 1: Pair jeans with boots.

Cropped jeans are great for ankle boots.A pair of jeans that stop about 1 inch above your boots is a good choice.If you want a little more leg to show, you can wear jeans that stop 2 inches above your boots.Your legs will appear shorter if you don't show any skin.

Step 2: Put the cuffs on your jeans.

If you bought cuffed jeans, that's great!Roll up your jeans if they are too long.The amount of time you roll up your jeans depends on how long they are and how much skin you want to show.If you want to go for a double cuff, you can choose to roll your jeans up only once.

Step 3: Tuck your jeans under to make them look shorter.

If you don't want your jeans to be tucked into your boots, it's also possible to shorten them.If your jeans are too long, this works well.You can put the bottom of your jeans in the inside.This look will make you appear taller than you really are.

Step 4: You can put long jeans into your boots.

Tuck your jeans into your boots if they are a little long.If your boots are on the taller side for ankle boots, Tucking your jeans will work better.It's important that your jeans look smooth when tucked in.

Step 5: Flat ankle boots come in a variety of styles and colors.

The best pants to wear with flat ankle boots are skinny jeans.You can wear black pants and a blazer for a dressy look.You can wear your boots with jeans and a shirt for a casual style.

Step 6: To match a range of outfits, wear black ankle boots.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will go with almost any outfit, black leather ankle boots are a great choice.You can wear your black boots with skinny jeans and a T-shirt or wear them with your leather jacket and black jeans.You can wear black ankle boots with any outfit.

Step 7: For a unique flair, go for boots with bold colors.

You can bring life to your outfit with a pair of boots.For a fun touch of color, wear a pair of red boots and an all black outfit.Go for a yellow dress with purple ankle boots.You can wear boots with designs or embroidered on them.

Step 8: Try buckled or lacing boots.

The boots are secured by something.If you want to achieve an ederly style, boots secured by buckles or lacing up and a leather jacket are all you need.You can take it a step further by wearing ripped skinny jeans.

Step 9: You should wear low socks with your boots.

Since a small amount of skin can be seen between your pants and boots, wear low socks that don't show over the tops of your ankle boots.You can wear regular ankle socks or "no show" socks, which are typically worn with flats.If you want your socks to show, wear a dark pair of socks.

Step 10: Go for a single look.

A single outfit is ideal for a minimalist look.If your boots are black, you should wear a black shirt, jeans, and jacket.Go for an all blue outfit for colored ankle boots.

Step 11: For an everyday look, choose neutral colors.

For a casual look, neutral tones are good.For a neutral look, choose a pair of beige ankle boots, with light-colored skinny jeans, or a tan or white shirt.A brown or beige hat is an accessory.

Step 12: You can wear a jacket for a cold weather look.

Long boots are usually associated with cold weather, but you can rock your ankle boots all year long.If you want to warm up, wear jeans that can be tucked into your shoes or socks with your ankle boots.Depending on your taste, you can wear a fur coat, long pea coat or puffer coat.

Step 13: All year long, wear white jeans.

You should wear your white jeans after Labor Day.You can wear black boots and jeans.Go for a more neutral look by wearing beige ankle boots, white jeans, a tan T-shirt, and a light denim jacket.

Step 14: In warm weather, wear a tank top and jeans.

A tank top, skinny jeans, and ankle boots is a cute and stylish outfit for warm temperatures.You can wear a tank top with ripped jeans and ankle boots.Go for a slightly dressier look by wearing a patterned halter top with black jeans and black ankle boots.

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