I should get these Weekday Warrior pants hemmed.

I usually wear a 34x32 slim size of Bonobos' Weekday Warrior pants.I am used to them running a little longer.Do you think I should get them hemmed?They should shrink through washing.Should I wash them first and then wait for them to be hemmed?

I'm drunk, but those need some helming.One of the most important features of an outfit is the break.It tells you if you're going for traditional or not.Where in the middle.The length they're at now just gives the message of sloppy, rather than any of the others.

I hear you.You're not the first person to message me while drunk, and I love how your post history is filled with "Look, I'm drunk..."

I agree.Do you want to see a dry cleaner or tailor?I have never had pants hemmed.Thanks!

Definitely.I go with the quarter break.It might show your legs, so get some nice socks.