If my ice maker isn't making enough ice, what should I do? How to fix a refrigerator that wont cook?

When your ice maker isn't working, what should you do?These fixes should be tried first.

If your refrigerator does not make ice anymore, but the water dispensers still work, don't lose your cool.This is not a new problem.There are many underlying causes and solutions to get your ice maker working again.

Check the ice maker switch if it's malfunctioning.A lot of the time the switch gets turned off by accident.If the switch is turned on but the ice maker doesn't work, make sure you have a continuity meter.As needed, replace.

The freezer's temperature should be checked whenever the ice maker stops working.The ice maker won't work if the freezer temperature is over 10 degrees F.It works best when the freezer temperature is between 0 and 5 degrees F.If the freezer temperature is too high, make sure the condenser and compressor are cool.If too much frost builds up, the air can't circulate through the coil and you will need to check the defrost components for a failure.

A faulty door seal is one of the reasons why the temperature may be unstable.Warm air can enter the fresh food door without a good seal.The controller keeps the compressor running to maintain the right temperature for the food.The tip of the water tube that provides the ice maker with water will be frozen if the freezer temperature goes well below zero.

The doors need to be self-closing so their own weight helps maintain the seal.To tilt the fridge slightly, the leveling rollers need to be adjusted.Within 24 hours the water tube will thaw and ice production will begin.

The water filter might be blocked if the ice maker is not working.It's possible to change the water filter.

The water pressure in the house might be too low if the ice maker doesn't work.The ice maker's water inlet valve is designed to work with a minimum of 20 psi of water pressure.

The door switch might be malfunctioning if the ice maker is not working.The freezer door switch turns on the light in the freezer and off the ice maker when the door is opened.The dispensers will not turn on if the door switch fails.An Ohm meter can be used to check the switch for continuity.It should be replaced if it doesn't have continuity.

The water inlet valve might be malfunctioning if the ice maker doesn't work.The water inlet valve is a mechanical valve that opens to let water into the ice maker.If the water inlet valve is malfunctioning, it won't allow water to flow through.The ice maker won't make ice.

To function properly, the valve needs at least 20 psi.The water pressure to the valve needs to be at least 20 psi.The power to the water inlet valve can be checked with a multimeter.If the water inlet valve has enough pressure and power, but the ice maker won't fill with water to make ice, replace it.

It is possible that the ice maker assembly is malfunctioning.The control module of the ice maker can fail, and most of it is not sold separately.Ice makers have a short lifespan and may not be worth fixing.The only thing left is the ice maker itself, if other simpler parts like the water inlet valve or shut-off arm have been ruled out.

The ice level control board might be malfunctioning if the ice maker is not working.The level of ice in the ice bucket can be detected by the light beam on the refrigerator.The ice maker shuts off when the level of ice reaches the top.The ice maker starts up again when the level of ice drops below the beam.The ice maker will stop making ice if the ice level control board fails.

The icemaker mold thermostat might be malfunctioning if the ice maker is not working.A thermostat is located in the control module of the ice maker.The ice maker starts a harvest cycle when the mold reaches the right temperature.The ice maker doesn't advance if the mold thermostat is malfunctioning.It is possible to check the thermostat for continuity.As needed, replace it.For optimum performance, the freezer temp should be between 0-5 degrees.

I changed the ice maker's water filter and now it won't produce ice, it worked fine before I removed the old water filters, but it still will not fill or make ice any help is appreciated.

The bin has ice in it.The screen goes black and shuts down for a few seconds when I try to break up ice.Nothing will happen.