Is Butlins a good holiday?

Is Butlins a good holiday?

But which is best? The short answer is that we think Butlins Bognor Regis offers the best value for money for 2022 holidays. It was mid-priced option in our price comparisons but it gets the joint-best reviews thanks to its modern swimming pool and range of activities.

Why is Butlins so popular?

Wartime use of Butlins camps continued, with resorts at Ayr, Filey, and Pwllheli being completed and opened as military camps. Butlins became popular in post-war Britain, with family entertainment and activities available for the equivalent of a week's pay.

Is Butlins Minehead expensive?

Butlins Minehead was cheapest on most dates, but there was one surprising week where Minehead was the more expensive than Bognor by more than £200. On one set of dates there was only about £70 between the cheapest and most expensive Butlins.

Which is the best Butlins 2021?

- Butlins Bognor Regis - joint best reviews, mid-priced, newest swimming pool, shingly/sandy beach. - Butlins Skegness - joint best reviews, modern swimming pool, sandy beach, cheap prices. - Butlins Minehead - often cheapest, beachside, good reviews. - 10 best Wales holiday parks.

Why is Butlins so expensive?

Butlin's explained: "Our prices vary based on demand and we are seeing high demand for certain breaks as guests are looking to holiday in the UK and get a break booked in for something to look forward to."

How much is a deposit at Butlins?

How much deposit do I have to pay? Our regular deposits are £30 per person, although if you opt for Auto Pay its only £10 per person (£25 per person for arena breaks).

What is free at Butlins?

All the fair ground rides , soft play, swimming and so on is free but you can pay for b line passes at an extra price to get into the shows and swimming first around 15minutes before everyone else. (Optional) Activities such as archery, mini golf, go karts, bungee jump and the arcades all have an extra cost.

Can you stay at Butlins for one night?

We decided to stay here as we were doing a Butlins day trip and Butlins do not allow 1 night stays. Hotel is a little walk to Butlins. The Hotel is modern and very clean.

Which is the best Butlins in the UK?

On customer reviews alone, Butlins Skegness and Bognor Regis are tied in first place (as of November 2021). After many thousand reviews, Butlins Skegness averages 4.3/5 on Google Reviews or 4/5 on TripAdvisor. Butlins Bognor Regis also has 4.3/5 on Google Reviews or 4/5 on TripAdvisor.

Is Butlins last minute cheaper to book?

Book a last minute Butlins break and getaway for less. All late deals at Butlins include up to an extra 20% booking discount with plenty of cheap holidays starting from only £60 per person. However you'll need to book quick before all the cheap breaks go!

Can you use Tesco vouchers for Butlins day pass?

Use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers towards your next Butlins' break for an unforgettable time. Please make sure you provide your Reward Partner code at the time of booking as you can't add them to your booking at a later date.

Can I use my mums Clubcard vouchers?

No, your Clubcard voucher is applicable to yourself and other travel vouchers are not transferable.

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