Is calcium sand bad for reptiles?

Is calcium sand bad for reptiles?

No it is not safe. For Beardies nor any other lizards or tortoises. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, calci-sand is alkaline.

What sand is safe for bearded dragons?

Use non-silica sands with adult bearded dragons without worry of the chance of impaction. Make sure the sand is clean and free of foreign debris. We do not recommend sands for baby and juvenile bearded dragons. There are reptile sands on the market which are made from calcium, such as Vita-Sand.

Is calcium sand safe for reptiles?

ProRep Calcium Sand can be used as a substrate for many reptiles that originate from arid habitats. If eaten it is unlikely to cause gut impactation and actually provides a good source of calcium as it is made from pure natural limestone.

Is calcium sand safe for bearded dragon?

Calcium sand is in no way suitable for bearded dragons. Despite common beliefs, wild dragons live on a pressed “sandy clay.” Calcium sands are not appropriate substrates, and although they are safer than other sands that can't be as readily digested (calcium sand can cause blockages too), I will never recommend it.

What type of sand is safe for reptiles?

However, desert varieties of snakes, tortoises and lizards are quite comfortable in beach sand. Additionally, very small snakes may need a smaller-grained sand until they grow. Keep in mind your snake's natural habitat and size before buying beach sand substrate.

Is sand or dirt better for bearded dragons?

In truth, a bearded dragon's natural substrate would be a mixture of hard packed dirt, clay, and rocks. Sand can be considered a bad choice for bearded dragon's substrate for the following reasons: 1. Bearded dragons are messy eaters, so if you feed them in their terrarium, they'll inevitably ingest some sand.

Can I use beach sand for my bearded dragon?

For keepers wishing to use a sand substrate for their bearded dragons, it is best to use play sand. Do not collect sand from a beach for your bearded dragon's cage. ... Some beach sand is sold commercially; if the sand has been sifted and heat sterilized it is less likely to cause your bearded dragon health problems.2 oct 2017

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