Is Canyon Ranch expensive?

Can you go to Canyon Ranch alone?

The resort welcomes a large number of solo travelers and for many people, especially those living alone in Manhattan and other urban areas, the simple act of being able to connect with others has huge health benefits.

Is it safe to go to Canyon Ranch?

Canyon Ranch has always provided a healthy environment where you can feel safe, confident, and stress-free. That will never change. We've updated our protocols to a higher level than ever and made adaptations for your safety.

What does Canyon Ranch include?

The main reason guests come to Canyon Ranch is for the activities and spa treatments. The 100,000 square foot spa complex is home to the legendary spa, gyms, cycling studios, tennis and basketball courts, pool, and beauty salon.

What Spa does Oprah go to?

Ananda Spa is a famous wellness retreat that high-profile guests like Prince Charles and Oprah Winfrey have visited.

How much does it cost to stay at Miraval in Arizona?

$150 nightly resort credit. Newly renovated luxurious, casita-style accommodations. All healthful and flavorful meals, snacks, smoothies and non-alcoholic beverages. Unlimited participation in daily yoga, meditation, fitness and more.

What does a week at Canyon Ranch cost?

The price for a weeklong stay starts at $8,000 and increases based on dates of a stay and room accommodations. This all-inclusive fee includes gratuities, as Canyon Ranch Tucson is a no-tipping retreat.

What spa does Oprah go to in Arizona?


Do you tip at Canyon Ranch?

All-inclusive spa destinations, like Canyon Ranch or travel resorts, would employ the same no-tip policy on all services, including the spa. This is basically the only exception where you wouldn't tip on a massage.