Is Chobits anime complete?

Is Chobits anime complete?

It has like 24 episodes total in the series and is completed at this point in time. It's like a romcom but also incorporates some science fiction so if you like that this might be an anime for you.

Is Chobits good anime?

Overall 8 --------- - Animation 9 Sound 8 Character 7 Enjoyment 9

What are Chobits ears?

A Persocom's ears are the containers made to protect the plug-in slots and cables on either side of the Persocom's head. The ears are the main location of the charging ports. Different models have different shapes, colors and appearances.

What is Chobits rated?


Is Chobits a shoujo?

Unlike most stories by CLAMP, Chobits is a seinen series, specifically of the "magical girlfriend" variety, using robotics and computers as a subplot, though it is commonly mistaken for shojo because of its strong romantic themes and flowery art style.

Is Chobits a romance anime?

Chobits is a weird sci-fi romance about a world in which people can buy expensive androids called “persocoms” that basically function as personal assistants.

What kind of anime is Chobits?

ちょびっツ (Chobittsu) ----------------- Genre Manga Written by Published by

Is Chobits a classic?

The Chobits manga ran from 2000-2002. The manga is an 8 volume series that was published in Weekly Young Magazine.