Is Expired Protein Safe to Use? Does it go bad? is it still safe to use?

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Do you scoop it or toss it?Is it a good idea to dump some old protein powder into a workout shake?

You can do a quick sniff-test to determine if it's likely effect is on your gastrointestinal fortitude.It is made from milk.

These are eternal questions.Your quest for answers is understood.You have paid for your powdered muscle fuel, but you don't want to pay for it with a weird stomach.

You don't want to consume a product that has lost its ability to help you build muscle and strength.

The answer is that the way meat or dairy is prepared doesn't ruin it.Unless something has gone wrong, you won't open your old tub of powder to find anything.

How is the lack of spoilage possible if the powder you are using is from an animal?

Bob Roberts is a professor of food science at Penn State University.

Unless you store your canisters in a warm, humid place, you won't get sick.

It does diminish after the use-by date.

Maillard browning is a chemical reaction that happens when sugar is left over from when the manufacturers extract the milk.