Is it illegal to collect rain water in Ohio?

According to Ohio criminal laws, you can collect the rain in Ohio if you want to use it for drinking water.Rainwater collecting has been a topic of debate for a long time.There are a couple of reasons that states limit the amount of rain.Doing this can be both illegal and a health risk.One of the reasons why it's not allowed is the fact that rain can become a health risk.

There is a weird history in regards to whether rain is legal or not.Many area governments tried to prevent messing up the natural flow of water in the 1800s.Rainwater was the only source of water for non-potable purposes in areas of the country that were very dry.The regulations were in place for a long time.People stopped needing to collect rain water when the main water supply changed.If some of the older regulations are still in place, a person could still be in trouble if they want to collect rain water.

There is no state that completely outlaws rain harvesting.Rainwater collection is limited in some states.You can get a tax break if you set up a system to collect water.The legality of harvesting is all over the map.The states that rely on these same practices to provide proper water supply to all homes are the ones that still have restrictions on rainwater harvesting.

It's a good idea to ask the next question if you're having trouble figuring out whether or not rain harvesting is legal in your area.Is rain harvesting worth it?It is dependent on your local regulations and your current water supply.Rainwater collection is a way for people to help out the environment.It's not a good idea to collect more than 100 gallons in some areas.You can collect up to 2,500 gallons of rain water in other places.

There isn't much that you need to worry about if you have a couple of rain barrels.A couple of years ago, there was a story about a man going to jail for harvesting too much rain and filling his own fishing lakes.The story isn't all that accurate.To make sure large amounts of water to fewer people aren't common, many regulations are put in place.People don't have to read up on water rights or remove rain barrels just yet because of these regulations.

With states like California running out of water, it would not be a surprise to see more legislation passing to regulate rainwater harvesting.The idea would be to promote rain harvesting more than limit it.It's a good idea to get your rain barrel out.In many areas, including the Buckeye State, rainwater harvesting is the only effective way to get water, and it can even help save on water bills.

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