Is it possible for me to use my friend'sAAA to tow my car?

It's a big problem when you're stuck somewhere because of car problems.If you need assistance on the road,AAA can be helpful.If you are riding with a friend or family member, what are you going to do?Can you use your car for someone else?

You can use your membership to request assistance for someone other than yourself if you need fuel, towing, or lock and key service.The coverage is not for your vehicle.If you are present, services will be available.

Specific rules and procedures apply to certain circumstances.The rest of the article will clarify any questions you may have.

Even if the person is a passenger in a vehicle, they are still covered by an active AA membership.If services are needed, you will be covered as a member and passenger if you have a valid photo ID.

You don't have to be driving at the time of the request.You need to be present to receive coverage for services.If you are not present, the operator will not be paid.

A membership holder can request to add family members at a reduced rate to avoid these issues.The same coverage will be given to members of your family who have access to your vehicle.

If you are a passenger in a friend's vehicle, you may still request services, even if you don't own a specific vehicle.You can request assistance regardless of the vehicle.

Some services may be denied for vehicles with oversized accessories.All pertinent vehicle information should be disclosed to your representative before you get assistance.

At the time of the tow truck's arrival, make sure you have your membership card and valid present.A smooth and safe transaction is guaranteed by this.Without these documents, your membership will not cover expenses, and you will be expected to cover all services in full.

A valid photo ID is needed at the location and time of the vehicle being serviced to be an activeAAA member.Without the possibility of reimbursement, the service must be paid in full.The operator will be responsible for the cost of these charges.

If you don't have a photo ID at the time, you can submit the original receipt for reimbursement.If someone else paid the service bill, you wouldn't be eligible for reimbursement.The acceptance of reimbursements can take up to 60 days.

This policy is flexible in emergencies.Sometimes services can be rendered in the absence of anAAA member.It is up to the procedures and guidelines ofAAA.

A valid photo ID and a currentAAA member card are required to receive roadside assistance services.If you don't, you will have to pay the full commercial rate.In case of a stolen membership card, this policy is in place.

There is an app for both the iPad and the phone.There is a section within the app where you can use your membership card as an alternative to your physical card.If you have access to the application, you will not need a physical card.

If you have cellphone reception, you should always have access to your virtual membership card.Your valid photo ID is also acceptable when receiving services.

If you have to come out of pocket, you should keep your original receipt and submit it for a refund before the 60-day deadline.

When accidents happen, I deal with people at difficult times in their lives.Those with assistance on the road.When the unexpected happens, services likeAAA have a smooth experience.

I always tell people to check with their insurance company before buying something.Roadside assistance can be added to your policy at a much cheaper rate than a third-party option.I recommend looking into this now as it could save you money and make your insurance claims simpler.Carry a good car emergency kit, and be careful out there.

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