Is it possible to put essential oils in a rainbow Rainmate to make the house smell?

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner can be used to humidify the air.As it cleans the air, the Rainbow water-based air cleaning process can release scent into the room.With water and a choice of Rainbow-brand or other aroma choices, the air is not only dust and allergen free but is fresh with the user's favorite fragrance.

The cleaning systems use water.The Rainbow unit will be free of minerals and other naturally occurring contaminants if the water is pure.Purified water keeps elements out of the house.

A line of fragrances is made by Rainbow.A range of aromas should please most users.Various apple scents, mocha, carnation and floral fragrances are included in the aromas.

The liquid air freshener is produced by the Rainbow company.To remove cooking and unpleasant smells from the air, add the liquid to the water tray.