Is it possible to use Olaplex No.2 alone?

Have you ever wondered what the fuzz is all about?I lived under a rock and haven't until recently.It would cost a lot to have it done in the salon.If you want to do what I did, you can buy the stuff and do it at home.

If you would like to just watch the video, you are welcome to do so.

My natural hair color is black and I have gone from dark brown to blonde in a year.If you bleach your hair within a short period it will damage it, but I only bleached it every 3-6 months.

The first 2 steps are usually done in the hair salon, but it will cost you a lot.I purchased the Travel Kit from Amazon for almost 80 dollars.The bottles can last up to 15 applications.I got half the bottle of No 1 left after using it several times.It should work out if you use it as a treatment.

There are two ways to use Olaplex, the first is to mix it with bleach and the second with water and use it as a treatment.The treatment should be done before you bleach your hair.It made my hair stronger.How do I know?I can brush my hair now that it is wet.I was scared of it breaking off too much but after the treatment I felt like it was possible.

Once done, brush it through and put your hair in a plastic bag.

I left mine in for 2 hours but I will do this again next time.

Some people commented on my video saying that the product I bought was only available for professionals.I am very sure that what I bought was legit.I will buy again because my hair feels stronger and it isn't as damaged as before.I would be skeptical if the product didn't do anything to my hair, but it's not fake.I will be able to purchase the kit from people who own hair salons.

I have only done this twice so far and I don't feel the need to do it often.

I have a license to cut hair.I don't think you should do this treatment at home.You don't leave it in for more than 1 1/2 to 3 hours on any of these products.If you use a lot it can damage your hair.

My hair did the same thing.The longer you use the product, the better your hair will be.I am not a hairdresser.I know how Olaplex works.I bleach my hair.I agree with her methods.

Its not a substance.They sell keratin sprays and treatments.If you use the spray, you can make a hair dryer.There are treatments for karetin as well.It's a different ball game.Do you use #1 on dry hair?Is it possible to use full strenth undiluted?

You are lying if you tell Lisa da ho that olaplex is not aprotein.

According to the website of Olaplex, its active ingredient works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.It is a bond builder.The FAQ section of Olaplex has the following in it.It may be left on for a longer period of time and washed and conditioned at home.It can be used for hair treatments using a shower cap.My hair had been damaged by heat styling.My hair is soft and shiny after these treatments.Olaplex is supposed to be a salon only to boost profits, not because their products are difficult to use.The value of a hairdresser doesn't come from their access to products, it comes from experience and technique.It is easy to do an Olaplex treatment at home, but there is nothing like having a good colorist do babylights or perfectly placed highlights.For that matter, a great haircut.

Leeba, thanks so much for your explanation.People seem to know better when they do their own research first.!

I wanted to know where you got the 2L bottle of Olaplex.I would love to get it, but I am afraid of buying one that is not authentic.I would really appreciate your help.

I bought mine on but they are out of stock.A friend of mine who is a cosmetologist will buy me one when I am done with my current bottle.I refuse to be fleeced on the way overpriced Olaplex 3.

You are probably correct, every bottle has the same price.My hairdresser never tried to sell it to me.I have used number #3 at home.

I ordered a traveling kit from a re-seller in the Netherlands, and I can't wait to try it this Friday!My hair has been damaged.I was desperate to get my hair back.I had it done in a salon with a balayage 2.5 years ago, and I was amazed at how great my hair looked after the salon visit, for a whole year after that!I want to get my hair back.

Is it possible to buy genuine Olaplex 1 and 2 without a license?I wish I had a friend who would just buy it and sell me some, because I have done far more complicated things to my hair at home.I'm trying to find a place to buy this stuff so I don't risk it being fake.

Melyssa, what do you think about the claims made by the official distributors that they are the only ones in the world that sell authentic No.Is there 1 and 2?Even though they come from reliable and well-known online shops, I am afraid of getting fake ones.

I got the link from Amazon.It is here again:

The treatment is called olaplex.If you want to enjoy the amazing results, use a cap to keep it damp.If you like to leave it longer than an hour, there are no additional benefits as it has done as much as you can.

Its not a substance.They sell keratin sprays and treatments.If you use the spray, you can make a hair dryer.There are treatments for karetin as well.It's a different ball game.Do you use #1 on dry hair?Is it possible to use full strenth undiluted?

I use a small amount and mix with no2 and sleep with it because I usually do the treatment at night as this is the only time that suits me.I had a bad experience a couple of years ago where my blonde hair snapped because I bleached it too much, so I am very strict with my hair care.I try to not use heat on my hair and also sleep with a silk hair bonnet at night.X

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