Is Needful Things worth reading?

Is Needful Things worth reading?

King has done it again, masterfully crafted another tale of mystery and intrigue! So much takes place in Needful Things, it's nigh on impossible to relay all the fantastic, and noteworthy, things that occur; so, I hope you'll take me at my word when I say, this book is definitely worth reading!May 27, 2018

Are Needful Things scary?

Author Stephen King ------ ----------------- Pages 736 ISBN 978-0-670-83953-7

Did Stephen King like Needful Things?

He was past his addictions when he wrote this – it was the first book he wrote after kicking them – and maybe the sheer catharsis of it should be seen as enough. Blunt metaphor time, but prior to this King had wanted things to the point of needing them, and they were ruining everything, hurting those he loved.Jun 17, 2014

Should I read Needful Things?

You can definitely read Needful Things without reading any of the others. I've found King's earlier books much better than his later ones.... His short story and novella collections are quite good too.Jul 9, 2014

How many pages is Needful Things?


What is the theme of Needful Things?

A satire on greed culture, small town politics, and mob mentalities, Needful Things is one of Stephen King's more cynical works with a streak of dark humour a mile wide. It contains his truly go for broke endings that work better than in some of his others (not for Castle Rock or its residents, mind).Sep 18, 2017

What does Stephen King usually write about?

King tells the story through narratives shifting between two time periods. It is mostly told in the third-person all-seeing mode. IT addresses King's most beloved themes: the omnipotence of memory, childhood suffering, and the monstrousness prowling behind a disguise of classic sectarian values.

Is Needful Things a good book?

Top positive review Needful Things has this in spades, and it's my favorite kind of King story. The town of Castle Rock has had its fair share of bad luck over the years (gruesome murders, rabid dogs and the like) but it's still a nice, pleasant small town.

Is Needful Things The Last Castle Rock Story?

According to the book cover, Needful Things was "The Last Castle Rock Story". However, the town later served as the setting for the short story "It Grows on You", published in King's 1993 collection Nightmares & Dreamscapes. This story, according to King, serves as an epilogue to Needful Things.

Is Leland Gaunt Randall Flagg?

Randall Flagg was Leland Gaunt. There were many similarities between the two. They were both charismatic and charming, able to manipulate people easily. ... Also, when Flagg is starting a new identity and is reflecting where he has started before, he mentions Akron Ohio, which is where Gaunt said he was from.

What happened Ace Merrill?

In 1991 he was shot and killed by Deputy Norris Ridgewick. Ace is not to be mistaken for John Merrill, who was mentioned in The Tommyknockers as the father of Ruth Merrill McCausland.

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