It is necessary to clean a Tragus Piercing.

The ear canal is partially covered by the tragus.If you are going to have your tragus pierced, you need to make sure the hole is clean and free from germs.You can clean the inside of the piercing with a solution.You can wash the outside of the piercing.You have a great-looking earring if you keep it clean.

Step 1: Purchase 1 gallon of distilled water and sea salts.

After your tragus is pierced, you should clean it 1-2 times a day.Most grocery stores and supermarkets have distilled water and sea salt.Pick up the salt that is all-natural, non-iodized and free of added ingredients.It is likely that you will need to buy a higher-quality salt.Once the tragus piercing is healed, you can stop doing water soaks.The cost of distilled water is about $1 per gallon.

Step 2: Put the water and salt in a solution.

Take the extra sea salt and put it into your 1 gallon of distilled water.Shake the bottle vigorously and replace the cap on the gallon of water.Salt will be completely dissolved in the water after you have agitated the bottle for 30 seconds.When you don't use the solution, keep it in a kitchen cabinet.

Step 3: Put the solution in a coffee mug and microwave it.

It is difficult to soak your tragus in salt water because it is on your head.The best way to pour the solution is into a mug.The mug should be placed in the microwave for 30 seconds.It should be enough to warm the water to the temperature of your body.Since mugs come in all sizes, the amount of liquid needed to fill your mug will vary.You can use any type of glass if you don't have a coffee mug.You could use a shot glass.

Step 4: You should soak your tragus piercing in the saline solution.

Remove the mug from the microwave and place it on a counter or table.With your tragus facing downward, carefully lean your head over the mug.Lower your head until your tragus is completely immersed in the solution.The tragus piercing needs to be soaked to keep it clean.

Step 5: If you can't fit your tragus in the mug, clean it with a compress.

If you can't get your ear below the water level, use a saline compress instead of soaking your tragus piercing in a mug.The mug should be microwaved to get it at body temperature.Then, dip the towel into the warm solution.Pull the paper towel out of the mug and hold it against your tragus for 7 minutes.While using a compress isn't as effective as submerging the piercing in saline solution, it's still better than nothing.

Step 6: To remove the salt from your ear, rinse it with tap water.

Once you have soaked your ear, pull it out of the mug or remove the compress, for 7–15 minutes.Put your hands under a running faucet and splash clean water on your ear.The salt will be removed from the piercing.Excess salt on your skin can cause a problem.The healing process may be slowed by this.

Step 7: It's a good idea to wash the outside of the piercing with soap every day.

A bar of antibacterial soap is all you need to clean the healed tragus piercing.You can clean the piercing in the shower.Spread the lather on the outside of your ear and tragus piercing to clean the skin.Rub lightly and rinse the suds off.While the piercing heals, wash your tragus piercing in addition to cleaning it with rinses.Don't try to put soap in your ear canal or pierce it with soap bubbles.

Step 8: The jewelry should not be fiddled with.

It is important to allow the tragus piercing to heal around the piece of jewelry that has been inserted.If you want to avoid fiddling with the piercing, don't spin the jewelry around in your ear.A hands-off approach will allow the piercing to heal.You should never remove jewelry from a fresh piercing.

Step 9: Don't sleep on the tragus.

If you sleep on the side of your head with a tragus, it will put pressure on it and cause it to swell up.If you just had your tragus pierced, you should sleep on your right side, back, or stomach for at least a month.You can sleep as you please once the piercing is healed.

Step 10: You shouldn't apply harsh cleaners to your tragus piercing.

Your tragus will be very sensitive after it has been pierced.While applying stringent cleaning products to the hole will clean outbacteria, the products will also agitate the piercing and slow down the healing process.Do not use products like: Hydrogen peroxide Rubbing alcohol Neosporin Antibacterial soap.

Step 11: Wait at least a full month before having a small bar inserted.

A larger bar will be put into the tragus piercing by most professional piercers.Wait at least 4 weeks to switch out the large bar for a smaller, less-noticeable piece of jewelry.The piercing could be healed shut if you switch out jewelry sooner.Before changing out jewelry in a tragus, check with a professional piercer.

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