It's a good idea to report cyberbullies.

If you or your child are being harassed online, it can be really frightening.You might be worried that a friend is being harassed.No one has the right to make you feel uneasy.Taking steps to end communication will stop the harassment.You can report it to law enforcement or the school.Abuse can be reported to multiple sites.Finding ways to relieve stress and feel safe is what you should do to deal with the bully.

Step 1: The bully should be told to stop by a message.

Make sure the bully knows that what they have done is not appropriate.If you make your case to the authorities, this probably won't stop the harassment.The message needs to be saved.Your message should be simple and direct.Please don't contact me again.I will report any emails, texts, calls, messages, or posts from you.

Step 2: Tell the bully to stop.

You might still get messages even if you ask the bully to stop.Don't be tempted to respond and stick up for yourself.You should refuse to engage.Walk away from your computer or put down your phone.If you need to, take a walk around the block.

Step 3: Block the bully.

Change the settings on your email, cell phone, and social media accounts to stop the bully from contacting you.It will be harder for the bully to reach you.It is time to talk to the authorities if they still find a way to reach you.

Step 4: Copies of the bully's contact information should be made.

Messages and posts should not be deleted in hopes that the bully will stop.If you make a report to the authorities, collect the evidence to use.If you have a printer, make copies of everything.Take pictures of the electronic communications from the bully.You can save them in a file on your phone or computer.

Step 5: If you feel that you are in danger, file a police report.

If the issue isn't pressing immediately, call your local police station.Let me know if you would like to make a report about it.The precinct can either ask you to file a report or send an officer to your home.Your personal information should include your name, address, and phone number.If you or your child have been threatened with violence or bodily harm, contact the police.There are sexually explicit messages or photos.Stalking is a hate crime.You should expect privacy in a place where you have pictures of yourself.

Step 6: If the harassment was not violent or sexual, make a complaint.

You may be able to fill out an online form.The government may have a website that you can use to make a report.If you visit in Australia, you will be asked to provide personal information and an account of the incident.

Step 7: Contact the school to make them enforce their policies.

The officials at the school need to be aware of the issue.A disruptive atmosphere can be created by both types of bully.Many states in the U.S. have laws that require schools to address cyberbullying.Email or phone the principal, counselor, or a favorite teacher.Request a meeting to discuss something.

Step 8: Documentation of the abuse.

Make sure you have copies of the communications ready to go when you make your report.Take your copies with you to the meeting if you are making a report in person.You can send electronic copies if you are making a report online.

Step 9: You can send an electronic message to report bully during online games.

It can happen when you play video games.You can make a report if you are playing a game.The company can look into the player's activities.If you are playing Call of Duty, you can email or send a message to the IWEnforcers.

Step 10: Abuse can be reported on Facebook.

There are simple actions you can take to let the company know that you are being bullied on Facebook.In the bottom right corner of the cover photo is where you can report a Profile.Follow the on-screen instructions if you select the report.The V-shaped icon in the top right of the post is where you can report a post.Click on the post or photo to view it.

Step 11: If you're being bullied via direct messages, you should contact the social networking site.

Click on the V-shaped icon to find the Tweet that you want to report.If you want it to be abusive or harmful, select the report.You will be asked questions about the post.You might be asked to send more messages from the account in question.Recommendations on further actions to take will be offered after you have filed the report.

Step 12: If someone is abusing you in the comments or direct message, you should tell the social media platform.

To report a post, tap above it.The three vertical dots are for users of the operating system.Follow the instructions that appear when you tap the report.Your information won't be shared with the person you are reporting it to.

Step 13: Be aware of the issue of cyberbully.

In cyberbully, the bully uses social media, text messages and email to insult, humiliate, and even threaten their target.If you suspect that you or someone you know may be the victim of cyberbullying, tell someone who can help.You can talk to a teacher, a parent, or a school counselor.

Step 14: Look for the warning signs.

It is important to know some red flags if you suspect someone is being cyberbullied.Being secretive about online activity is something you should be on the lookout for.When receiving texts or emails, acting nervous.There are changes in mood.

Step 15: A support system is needed.

If you have been the victim of a bully, you probably have a range of emotions from anger to anxiety.It's important to lean on people that you can trust.If you can talk to your mom, tell her what's going on.Turn to a trusted adult such as a teacher or family member if you need help.

Step 16: Call the help line.

You might not want to talk to someone you know about something.You can always call an anonymous hotline.If you are worried that you might hurt yourself, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.Lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer youth are at a higher risk of being cyberbullied.If you are being harassed because of your sexuality, you can call the hotline.

Step 17: You should look into organizations that are fighting.

There are organizations that are doing something about it.You can find information and resources on their websites.Teens Against Bullying and Stop Cyberbully are two of the organizations.

Step 18: Fight stress with fun activities.

You are most likely feeling stressed if you have been bullied.Doing something fun will help you feel better.You can ask a friend to go see a movie, or you can take your dog for a walk.Anything that makes you smile is a good idea.

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