Karate skills can be performed.

There is a martial art called karate.Some people spend a lifetime studying a wide range of techniques and skills.If you want to learn some basic karate moves, you don't have to be a black belt!As you practice the basic moves, keep in mind that karate emphasizes balance, concentration, and poise.

Step 1: The Zenkutsu-dachi is the basic front stance.

Stand in a straight line.Your feet should be shoulder width apart.If you want to move your right foot forward, you have to do it from here.Keep your torso straight.Fix your eyes on something.As you move, keep your eyes level and focused on the object.

Step 2: The knee should be above the right foot.

You shouldn't be able to see your right toes if you look down.The majority of your weight should be on your right and left legs.Your hips are facing forward.Lock your knee with your left leg.You are in a stance.

Step 3: Go back to a standing position for the back stance.

Put your hands on your hips.To fix your eyes on an object, turn your head.To point to the left, take one step left.The angle of your left foot should be 90 degrees to the right foot.You should bend your left knee a bit.Your right foot should not move.As you do this, keep your torso facing forward.Keep your eyes fixed on the object.

Step 4: If you want to shift 70% of your weight to your right leg, you must bend your knee.

You should bend your knee so that it is above your foot.Keep your hips at a 45 degree angle by Tucking your buttocks.Your hands are on your hips.You are in a stance.

Step 5: Return to a standing position for the punch.

Your feet have to be shoulder width apart.Pull your arm into your body by making a fist with your left hand.The left fist should be facing up.The draw back position is what it is.Keep your arm close to your body.Your elbow should be facing away from you.

Step 6: Stand in front of your right arm.

It should be with your right shoulder.If you want to extend your fingers and face the floor, open your right hand.Your torso should face forward.Your head shouldn't move.Don't look at something in front of you.The draw back position is where your left arm should be.

Step 7: Start pulling your hand back.

As you do that, start rotating your hand 180 degrees to the right.Pull your right hand into the draw back position and simultaneously push out your left hand to make the punch.Keep your palms up.As possible, keep both wrists and arms straight.

Step 8: Continue to move your arms in opposite directions.

As you slide your left arm forward and simultaneously pull your right arm back, they should meet in the middle, lined up side by side.The palms of your arms will face up when they become parallel.At that point, your right arm should have turned 180 degrees.The fists should be facing each other.Keep your arms out of your body.If you slide an arm out of the draw back position, your forearm should brush against your torso.

Step 9: Turn your left arm to the right, and then fist the other way.

The palm side is down if you snap your wrist to the right.By the time your left hand is in the punch position, your right fist should be at the draw back position at your hip.Your right hand will be facing the floor.That was your first punch.The punch should go straight.The tip of your fist should be level with your upper arm.There should be no bends in your arm or wrist when you practice the punch.

Step 10: Straight punch from the new starting position.

Your right hand is at your hip in the draw back position and your left is extended in a punch.Just like before, you will push the hand at your hip straight out into the punch while simultaneously pulling your left hand into draw back position.You should twist your wrists.The fists should be raised when your arm is extended.When your arm is in the draw back position, your fists should be down.

Step 11: Get in front stance position to kick the ball.

Your left knee should be bent.Your right leg is straight.You will be kicking with your right leg.Your left foot is on the ground.Take care of your back and torso.Straighten your shoulders.

Step 12: Raise your right knee.

Pull your foot off the ground as you lift and bend your knee.When your left knee is at the same height as your right, stop.Do not point your toes down.Put your left foot on the ground.All of your weight should be on the left leg.Keep your left knee bent.It will help you with balance.

Step 13: Kick your right foot out as you move forward.

As you thrust your hips forward, lean back slightly.Kick your right foot forward with a snapping motion, starting with your big toe.Pull your hips back when your right foot is close to maximum extension.The ball of the foot is the striking surface.Continue to keep your toes upright.Don't try to kick as high as possible.Work up to that.Start with a lower level kick.

Step 14: bend at the knee and pull your foot back.

The knee is acting like a hinge.Pull the foot back very quickly if you bring your back into a normal position.The kick has a similar effect to a towel snapping.Place your right foot back on the ground to end the kick.