Scott's Liquid Gold 14 oz Aerosol Wood Care-AT14 is available at Home Depot.

The pourable version of Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care makes it easy to clean natural wood.You can saturate a roller or sponge mop by pouring it into a paint tray.It is recommended to apply Scott's evenly and thoroughly.You can clean, restore and protect wood panels.

If you want to clean lightly, spray the aerosol version of Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care on a cloth and wipe each shelf.Scott's Liquid Gold leaves a lustrous shine.

Use a soft cloth to wipe off the vinegar after spraying it liberally.The piece should be given a bit of a shine after this is done.Next, apply Scott's Liquid Gold with a dry, soft cloth.It won't take long for your steel to look new.

Consumers have discovered ways to use Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care over the years.

Wood Care and Dust 'n Go do not contain nuts or nut by-products.

The same protection outdoors can be provided by Wood Care.The use of a UV inhibitor is recommended.It is possible that prior sun damage will become visible.When Scott's Liquid Gold is used, the wood may become discolored.

Wood Care doesn't contain dyes, but the oil in it restores lost color and moisture.This causes the shade of the wood to be closer to its original state.The wood can be dark 6 to 8 shades but will lighten over time.

Put acetone-based nail polish remover in a cotton ball.Put a cotton ball in a test spot on the wood.The finish is varnish, lacquer or shellac if the cotton ball sticks.The finish is polyurethane if there is no effect.

The natural wood characteristic can be seen through the finish on the wood.Natural finishes are made from plants or animals.Natural finishes include oils, waxes and shellac.It is not a natural finish.

Scott's Liquid Gold is an organic oil formula.Most organic solvent are not compatible with Polyurethanes.Oil-based products leave items slippery and oily.

Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care can remove wax.The wax will leave a cloudy surface when applied to furniture.Allow Scott's Liquid Gold to stand for several hours before wiping it dry.The softened wax can be spread if the cloth is turned repeatedly.The process may need to be repeated several times.The furniture surface should be clean and not oily.Scott's Liquid Gold will penetrate the wood once the wax has been removed.If white circles develop, you may need to redo the wood.Silicone was previously used in products.Talk with a wood professional about removing the wax for faster results.

Let Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care stand for one hour.Rub the damaged areas with a very fine steel wool.Use a soft cloth to wipe clean.Stubborn spots can require professional repair.

Without sanding and refinishing the scratches won't go away.Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care can help to reduce the appearance of scratches and nicks.Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care can be used to clean dirt.Allow to sit for 1/2 hour after reapplying Scott's Liquid Gold.The surface should be wiped dry.If the scratches are large or the finish exposes bare wood, refinishing may be required.

Put mayonnaise in the burn.Allow it to sit for an hour.Apply Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care after wiping clean with a soft cloth.The entire surface may need to be refinished if the burn is deep.

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