Shoot a huge flame with a Lighter.

You can change your lighter to shoot a big flame.Don't be foolish, though, because you can burn yourself.If you are a kid, only do this with an adult.If you want to modify your lighter, take off the metal hood and put a small plastic tab on it.Get ready to test the flame when you replace the hood.Since you don't want to burn yourself or anything around you, you need to be extra careful.If you have long hair, tie the flame up to make sure it's out of danger.Prepare for your awesome flame.

Step 1: To remove the metal hood from the lighter, use a pair of pliers.

Pull the pliers out of the metal hood.It may take more than one attempt.If you bend the metal as much as possible, you will need a metal hood later.If the metal hood gets bent when you take it off, squeeze it back into position with the pliers.

Step 2: The tab is under the jet.

The gear that controls how much fuel gets fed to the flame will look like a small plastic tab.You will be able to see it now that the metal hood is off.You can adjust the flame from low to high, but this trick will allow you to go much higher.

Step 3: Move the tab to either the left or the right.

Lift the tab to disengage it from the gear.Press it down if you move it as far left as you can.Lift it up, move it as far right as it will go, and press it back down again.The lifting and pushing process disengages the gear and makes more fuel available.

Step 4: The lifting and pushing process is repeated 2 more times.

Lift the tab, bring it to the left, and push it down.Lift it up, bring it to the right, and push it down.You should modify your lighter if you repeat this process 2 times.If you do it more than 2 times, you could end up with a big flame that spits out gas and is dangerous.

Step 5: Test the flame by replacing the metal hood on the lighter.

To get the metal hood back into shape, you might need to squeeze it with your pliers.Attach it to the top of the lighter.It is time to test your flame.It's a good idea to test your flame in a fireproof place.

Step 6: There is a place that is free of harmful material.

If you want to test your flame, make sure that you are away from things that can catch fire.If you want to make sure your lighter won't light anything on fire, you can go outside and test it.Don't light the flame near anything that will burn, like paper or thin plastic.

Step 7: If your hair is long, tie it back with a lighter and hold it far from your face.

If you have long hair, tie it up before you try out your new flame.If you want to avoid accidentally singeing your eyebrows, hold the lighter far from your face.It's a good idea to wear safety goggles.

Step 8: If you want to know how high the flame goes, test it.

You can ignite a flame by pressing down on the lever.You should see a lot of fire.Push the tab back and forth if you don't remove the metal hood.Try until you get a big enough flame.If you get a big flame, it will run through the lighter fluid quickly, so be prepared to refill the butane more frequently, or just buy a new lighter sooner.

Step 9: Don't burn the flame for a long time because it will make the lighter hotter.

If you make the big flame last a while, it will really heat up the lighter and you will end up burning your fingertips, not to mention running through all your fuel.Don't touch the lighter or any other surface that might not do well with heat after you've lit the flame.Keep your lighter away from thin plastic that could easily melt.

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