Small Farming of Ginseng in Colorado - Ask an expert how to grow ginseng for profit and care for it

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High quality ginseng roots still fetch hundreds of dollars per pound, and patient growers can harvest large quantities using the "wild-simulated" growing method.The method described below requires seven years of growth, but still produces high quality ginseng and reduces the chance of widespread crop death.In as little as four years, you can cultivate ginseng in a field under artificial shade, but that method requires much more effort, a greater expense, and produces less valuable ginseng, making it impractical for large-scale operations.

To grow ginseng, you need to sprinkle the seeds in a cool, shaded area.To keep the ground moist, cover the area with mulch.Thin the plants out as they grow to give them room to grow and stop the spread of disease.Pick the red berries after three years.Wait at least 7 years to harvest the roots.Keep reading for tips on how to properly store ginseng roots.Did the summary help you?

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