The ocean has ashes in it.

If you want to scatter ashes into the ocean to honor a loved one, there are a few rules that need to be followed.You should spread the ashes at least 3 nautical miles from land according to the US EPA.The ashes will be found in the ocean if you use a boat to travel out into the water and make sure your containers are safe. Step 1: The ashes should be scattered at least 3 nautical miles from land. You can't just stand on the shore and scatter ashes into the waves according to the US EPA.Traveling at least 3 nautical miles away from the shore is what the US EPA expects you to do.If you want to scatter ashes in California, you need to be at least 500 yards from the shore, while in Florida, the water must be over 600 feet deep. Step 2: You can use a boat to carry the ashes. You need to either use your own boat or borrow someone else's to get at least 3 nautical miles from shore.There are even boat operators that specialize in scattering ashes.Make sure the boat is large enough for everyone to fit in.You can find options for boat rentals online. Step 3: If necessary, put the items in the water. The water has to be able to break down.You need to bring the container back to shore if it isn't decomposable.Plastic flowers, tombs, gravestones, and monuments are not allowed to be released into the water.The flowers should be able to easily break down in the water. Step 4: The ashes must be reported to the US EPA within 30 days. The US EPA requires that you fill out a form to let them know about the event.The form asks for information about the deceased, the scattering date, and the location of the spreading. Step 5: You can choose a container. If you bring the container back to shore with you, it's okay if you just use a plastic bag or something similar.Glass will break easily if you bring it.You can leave the rest of the ashes in the original container if you don't plan on distributing all of them. Step 6: If many people spread the ashes, divide them up. If you do this first, you will be in a better position to come together with everyone.You can separate them into plastic bags or cups.Don't dispose of them in the water unless they will break down.You have the right amount of containers if you know how many people will be spreading the ashes. Step 7: The ashes can be placed in the ocean with a water-soluble scattering urn. You can purchase a water-soluble urn to place the ashes in the ocean.The ashes will be dispersed in the water after you place the urn in it.You can find urns that are dissolved in the water by doing a quick online search. Step 8: The wind is blowing one way or the other. If you want your back to be against the breeze, position yourself upwind.The wind won't blow the ashes back in your direction if you scatter them this way. Step 9: You can scatter the ashes in the ocean with a small trowel or cup. If only a few people are involved in spreading ashes, you can use a small shovel or scoop to distribute them.It is easy to spread the ashes with cups.If you want to avoid having to separate the cups on the boat, fill them with ashes. Step 10: If you want to spread the ashes, use your hands. If you ingest them, they will not harm you and are completely safe to handle with your hands.Bring a towel or napkin to wipe your hands off after you spread the ashes so you don't have to clean them all over your clothing.

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