There is a red light on the internet. How to fix it with a Red Globe.

I have the same problem on my third routers.There is a red light on the front of the computer.The online reset help takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.In the early part of the year, I got the 3rd routers and sometimes have the red light show.For the last week or so, it has happened every other day.We missed an important meeting this week because we work from home.When we can, this may cause us to switch providers.How did you resolve this?

You have lost your broadband connection.It shouldn't happen daily or often.Did anyone check the connections at the ONT when you had three replacements?I would want tech support to look at that location.They should not try and make you pay for the visit.I would have another service lined up before I called.You can tell them that Fios is not fixing what you pay for.

You could get a customer owned router that has a high customer rating.There are other companies that are as good as Netgear.

If you want to prevent someone from getting another dhcp connection, just do a dhcp release on the router and plug it in.Take the ethernet cable from the ont and plug it into the WAN port on your own router.

You can enter the routers and make a different password and see if that helps the connection.

There is no inside support for a customer owned router.They only deal with their CO and ONT.You would be on your own.