What company owns Bali blinds?

What company owns Bali blinds?

Bali is a subsidiary of the conglomerate Spring Window Fashions, while Graber is the star product of the same fashion family. Both brands offer high-quality window treatment solutions and are two of the most prominent names in the window treatment market.Sep 7, 2020

Are Bali and Levolor the same company?

Bali Blinds employs around 5,000 people while Levolor, as a company on its own, has between 100-150 employees. These are among the many others under Hunter Douglas as a parent organization which has over 10000 employees.

Are Bali blinds worth it?

Great shades for the price. They have a very clean look with no hanging cords and I was able to mount 3 of them side by side with almost no gap in between. You can not see though them for privacy but they still let light though during the day. Great shades for the price.

Are American Blinds Made in USA?

The majority of our faux wood blinds are made in USA. If they are not made in USA the final assembly is in the United States. With the "budget custom" line of faux wood blinds, they are just assembled or cut in the USA. The faux wood blinds in the "better" and "best" categories are custom, made to order blinds.

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