What happens at the assay office?

What happens at the assay office?

Assay offices are institutions set up to assay (test the purity of) precious metals. This is often done to protect consumers from buying fake items.

What is an assay office and why is it important?

The assay office was the place where prospectors would take their ore samples to find out whether or not they had potentially “struck it rich.” So important was the determination of the assayer that the results of their work could, and often did, make or break a prospector.

What are the 4 assay offices?

- Birmingham Assay Office. - Edinburgh Assay Office. - London Assay Office. - Sheffield Assay Office.

What is the meaning of assay office?

Definition of assay office : a government or commercial office and laboratory in which assays are made (as of precious metals)

When did the Chester Assay Office close?

24 August 1962

Is Chester hallmark rare?

The Rare Chester hallmark is easily identified so this Antique 18ct Gold Buckle Ring is a great collector's piece. Will last another 107 years with ease.

When did the Newcastle Assay Office close?


What is Edinburgh hallmark?

Perfect hallmarks every time As an Assay Office, our primary service is to guarantee the purity of precious metals by assaying and hallmarking articles of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in compliance with National and International regulations.

What is an assay hallmark?

Noun. 1. assay-mark - a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity. authentication, hallmark.

What is the silver hallmark for Edinburgh?

The Edinburgh assay office has been marking silver since 1681. Ever since its formation the mark for Edinburgh is a three-turreted castle (pictured above). In 1759 the thistle mark was added to signify the 925 standard of the silver.

What is a hallmark symbol?

hallmark, symbol or series of symbols stamped on an article of gold or silver to denote that it conforms to legal standards that define the maximum proportion of base metals that may be alloyed with pure gold or silver for hardening or other purposes; in broader terms, any mark distinguishing source and quality.

Why did the Chester Assay Office close?

Chester had it's own Guild of Goldsmiths from the early 15th century however records from the Chester Assay Office only begin to surface two centuries later due to tighter legislation being introduced.Sep 1, 2021

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