What is a breakaway flange?

What is a breakaway flange?

Description. Specifications. BREAKAWAY FLANGES. The Breakaway Flange by Brand X Metals, Inc. is a ground breaking innovation which helps contractors become more efficient in the field when working with intersecting lines of trims.

What is a breakaway fitting?

operation of a breakaway coupling Breakaway couplings have an internal system that will break at a certain load and automatically close the internal valves on both sides. This reduces the downtime and saves money, equipment and the environment.

What is Breakaway coupling?

The Marine Breakaway Coupling (MBC) is a device installed into hose transfer systems at offshore tanker discharging or loading terminals. The MBC is designed to prevent oil spills and protect the transfer system from damage in the event of a tanker breakout or an excessive pressure surge.

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