What is bigger than a blue whale?

What is bigger than a blue whale?

The spiral SiphonophoreSiphonophoreLarger siphonophores live in deeper waters, as they are generally longer and more fragile and must avoid strong currents. They mostly feed on larger prey. The majority of siphonophores live in the deep sea and can be found in all of the oceans. Siphonophore species rarely only inhabit one location.https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › SiphonophoraeSiphonophorae - Wikipedia spotted by the team of scientists aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute's Falkor research vessel has been estimated to be 150-feet-long, which is an approximate 50 feet longer than a blue whale - widely held to be the largest animal to have ever existed.Apr 17, 2020

What is the second biggest animal in the ocean?

The fin whale

Are there giant monsters in the ocean?

But scientists believe the world's oceans are still hiding giant underwater creatures which have yet to be discovered. Marine ecologists have predicted there could be as many as 18 unknown species, with body lengths greater than 1.8 metres, still swimming in the great expanses of unexplored sea.Jun 19, 2008

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