What is C9300 DNA E 24 3Y?

What is C9300 DNA E 24 3Y?

An overall health dashboard for device, application, network and client is available 24 hours a day. This Cisco Digital Network Architecture term license is one of the three available DNA subscriptions, and it's mandatory to choose one when ordering a Cisco Catalyst switch.

Is Cisco DNA license mandatory?

Both Network Stack licenses and Cisco DNA licenses are mandatory at the time of purchase and come in two licensing tier options: Essentials (-E) and Advantage (-A). Network Stack Essentials or Advantage is included with the hardware, while a Cisco DNA term license needs to be selected at the time of order.

What is Cisco DNA?

Cisco DNA provides a complete intent-based networking system that is constantly learning, adapting, and using contextual insights to make sure the network continuously responds to dynamic IT and business needs. Cisco DNA is the open, software-driven architecture that turns vision into reality.

How do I know if a Cisco switch is PoE?

It's very easy. You read the part-number of Cisco switch, find if there is a letter “P” in it. If there is a “P”, it means this switch is a PoE switch.

How much power does a Cisco 9300 use?

715 watts

Is PoE enabled by default Cisco?

Powered-Device Detection and Initial Power Allocation. The switch detects a Cisco pre-standard or an IEEE-compliant powered device when the PoE-capable port is in the no-shutdown state, PoE is enabled (the default), and the connected device is not being powered by an AC adaptor.

What are the Cisco Layer 3 switches?

A Layer 3 switch is basically a switch that can perform routing functions in addition to switching. A client computer requires a default gateway for layer 3 connectivity to remote subnets.

Is Cisco 9300 a PoE?

The x86 central processing unit architecture in the Cisco Catalyst 9300 48-port switch allows hosting of containers and running a high volume of apps. Power Over Ethernet (PoE) devices such as this are convenient for remote applications as they don't need an electrical unit nearby.

How many rack units is Cisco 9300?

Cisco C9300-24UX-A Catalyst 9300 Switch 24 Ports Rack-Mountable. The Catalyst 9300 series is an advanced stackable switching platform.