What is Levi in Lapland like?

What is Levi in Lapland like?

Levi is like a small city and provides a wide choice of activities, events and cultural experiences in both summer and winter time. Special things in Levi are also midnight sun golfing and World Cup alpine skiing. The Levi fell is 531 meters high and is the largest ski resort in Lapland with 43 slopes.8 Oct 2019

Is Levi Finland expensive?

You should plan to spend around €101 ($116) per day on your vacation in Levi, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, €27 ($31) on meals for one day and €39 ($44) on local transportation.

Is Levi snow sure?

Levi is just 15 km north of Kittila which has charter flights from the UK making it an easy alternative to the Alps. The mountains are not very high here, but Levi has a northern location that almost guarantees snow right down to the bottom of the mountain.

Is Levi good for beginners?

Levi is a paradise for beginners. Almost the entire ski resort can be explored on easy slopes. The long and easy forest runs to Itärinteet and Etelärinteet are the optimal areas for beginners.

Is there snow in Levi now?

The Levi snow report is: 20 out of 27 Lifts open. Levi Piste State: Packed powder or groomed snow.

Which ski resorts are open now in Switzerland?

Name -- ------------------------ 1. Adelboden Lenk 2. Sörenberg 3. Grächen 4. Les Mosses La Lecherette

Is Levi good for skiing?

Levi is a brilliant resort with amazing views and skiing. Yes, the skiing is small and short but the area itself is one of the biggest outside of the Alps and still extensive. Overall, best resort in Finland hands down.

What Montana ski resorts are open?

State wide 63% of lifts are open. 54% of trails in Montana are open. Whitefish Resort at Big Mountain has 94% of trails open, Red Lodge Mountain Resort has 34% open, and Big Sky Resort has 79% open.

Which is better Levi or Rovaniemi?

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland and the official hometown of Santa Claus. If you're looking for a lively, more established city, Rovaniemi is the best place to visit in Lapland in winter! With nearly ten times the population of Levi, Rovaniemi offers more extensive shopping and dining options.12 Apr 2020

Can you see the northern lights in Levi?

Levi sits in the far north of Finland, high above the Arctic Circle putting it well within the Aurora Zone. This means that it has great Northern Lights viewing potential and with their glass roofs, these Aurora Cabins certainly make the most of it.

Is Levi or Ylläs better?

Ylläs is more sporty, biggest (but not steepest) slopes and most cross country trails in Finland. Levi is not far behind, but like said it's more compact and has better after ski. Many visiting artists at Levi for example.

Can you ski in Levi in October?

As one of Finland's largest ski areas, and being the furthest north, Levi boasts fabulous light powder snow from October to May due to the low temperatures throughout the winter. With over 40 runs and 27 lifts serving the ski area, the slopes are generally un-crowded and queues are kept to a minimum.

Can you ski in Levi in April?

Levi is a ski resort in Finnish Lapland. People often associate skiing with December-March but April is definately the best time to visit. The cross-country skiing is excellent and you can ski in the middle of the night virtually!

Can you ski in Levi in December?

Excellent snow, and nice pistes for intermediate skiers. A bit limited for beginners in the dark months and a lot of 'T' bar lifts. Once all the mountain is open, when daylight returns there would be plenty to keep beginners and intermediates happy for a week.

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