What is Marc E bassy's real name?

What is Marc E bassy's real name?

Marc Griffin

Is Marc E bassy signed?

After a year of pushing his second chapter as an artist, Bassy and company recently signed to Universal Republic.

Is Marc E bassy good live?

Live reviews Marc E Bassy is a great performer. He made sure that he was able to be seen by everybody. He moved around the stage and went on higher parts to be more visible. At one point he came off the stage and went in the middle of the floor to perform and everybody just circled around him.

How old is Marc E bassy?

34 yearsApril 9, 1987

Where did Marc E. Bassy get his name?

I'm one of those people that'll turn a name into what it means to me. All of my names come from my partner Count Bassy, including my own Marc E. Bassy moniker. NEW GOLD MEDAL symbolizes a new standard for being meaningful in the music industry.

Who is Marc E Marc?

Marc E. Bassy ------------- Origin Genres Years active Labels

Where is Marc E. Bassy from?

San Francisco, CA

What happened to Marc E bassy?

After over a decade in the industry, the singer, songwriter, and overall entertainer has separated from his major label and launched his own independent imprint, NEW GOLD MEDAL. The Bay Area native describes himself as “a dreamer who's trying to play music that heals the world and myself.”