What is power Si used for?

What is power Si used for?

Power Si is intended for use with any hydroponic nutrients you are already using. In fact, it optimises the effects of all other nutrients by acting as a transporter for other elements. Think of it as a vehicle to help pull necessary elements and nutrients up through the root system and into the plant walls.

How often do you use power SI?

Basically, you use Power Si from the time you cut clones until day 14 of flower. Power Si Bloom, you start day one of flower, and you use that from the time you start flowering until you flush your plant.19 ago 2020

How much power is in a gallon of SI?

For heavy feeding strains, Power Si Bloom can be used at 2ML per gallon.30 jun 2020

What is Powersi?

Power Si is a proprietary mix containing highly bio-available micro and macro nutrients. It is a pure, highly concentrated formula with fast visible effects. Silicon is considered the limiting factor for optimal crop yield and quality. Power Si is the fastest way to deliver silica to your plants.

What does power si do for plants?

Power Si provides better resistance to both abiotic stress (environmental: temperature, wind and drought) and biotic stress (living: pests and pathogens). It increases cell structures and the epidermis layer resulting in stronger plants with thicker stems to increase dry weight.

What does silicic acid do for plants?

It is primarily used to prevent fungal growth. Silicon Dioxide - Referred to as Silica, it's known for enhancing growth, allowing for thicker stems, strong resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases, enhancing overall growth and yield of any crops.19 ago 2020

Who makes PowerSi?

SKU 99910477 ------------ ------------ Manufacturer Power Si Brand Power Si Stage Grow + Bloom Form Liquid

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