What is the easiest way to blend oil pastels?

What is the easiest way to blend oil pastels?


Are oil pastels easy to blend?

Oil pastels are inherently designed to have an oily texture across paper and each of these colours can be easily blended. Since these crayons are so easy to blend, artists and students use oil pastels on canvas quite often.

How do you fade oil pastels?


What alcohol do you use with pastels?

Alcohol Wash Use denatured alcohol or 90-percent isopropyl alcohol and a flat watercolor brush to wash over dry pastel pigment, which will dissolve and stain the color into the paper. This method dries very quickly and creates beautiful effects.

What is the best tool to blend oil pastels?

Cloth or chamois Chamois is a type of super-soft and flexible leather that is excellent for blending colors with pastels. For large areas, you can wipe or rub the chamois across the surface of your paper. For smaller areas, you can wrap the chamois around your finger and then blend the pastel.

What can you use to blend chalk pastels?

You can use your fingers to blend or try using a q-tip, cotton balls or blending stick. My favorite way is to simply use my fingers to blend. Use your first finger or your first 2 fingers and gently blend together your pastels, blending in the same direction. Try using a q-tip to blend smaller detail areas.

Should you blend pastels?

There's some debate in the pastel world as to whether pastels should be blended, left unblended or be some combination of both. Renowned pastelist William Schneider has found using a combination of unblending and blending pastels gives his work greater variety, softer edges and more unified areas of light and shadow.

How do you get oil pastels to blend?


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