What is the obesity etf?

What is the obesity etf?

The investment seeks investment results that correspond generally to the performance, before fees and expenses, of an index which is designed to track the performance of companies globally that are positioned to profit from servicing the obese, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, health care and medical device ...

What are slim holdings?

Slim Holding company was started as a construction and earthmoving company in the south of Johannesburg. ... Since its inception, employees of Slim Holding have categorically made their feelings known, insisting "it's one of the best companies to work for."

How do you find CAN SLIM stocks?

In order to qualify as a CANSLIM stock the company needs to have the following characteristics: • C=Current Earnings: Quarterly earnings per share are up 25% or more. A=Annual Earnings: Five year average compounded earnings growth rate is greater that 24%.

CAN SLIM stock picking?

CANSLIM, or CAN SLIM, identifies a process that investors can use to identify stocks that are poised to grow faster than average. Each letter in the acronym stands for a key factor to look for when purchasing shares.

Does CAN SLIM still work?

Does it Work? No rigorous, published studies of CANSLIM performance exist to our knowledge. However, AAII data suggests that this screen has seen a 26.5% return versus 0.7% for the Samp;P. 500 over the last ten years, and a 28.2% return versus 2.4% since inception.Apr 19, 2011

Can slim success rate?

The study – which tracked over 50 leading investing methods through all the stock market's ups and downs each month for the past 12 years, including the recent financial crisis – found the CAN SLIM system gained 2,763.3%, compared to a 14.9% gain for the S&P 500 over the same period; an average of 35.3% a year versus ...Mar 31, 2011

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