What is the source of Aquafina water?

What is the source of Aquafina water?

public water sources

Why is Aquafina water bad for you?

When tested for its pH level, Aquafina came up acidic. This means that although you can drink it, it's not preferable. A better option is a water that's neutral or basic.Mar 21, 2018

Who makes Aquafina water?

PepsiCo Inc.

Which water is better Dasani or Aquafina?

Although Aquafina scored higher than Dasani, it was actually the more polarizing choice; three people ranked Aquafina highest on their list, and one person ranked it lowest.Oct 12, 2011

Is Aquafina bottled water just tap water?

Pepsi's Aquafina bottled water and Coca-Cola's Dasani are made from purified tap water. "If this helps clarify the fact that the water originates from public sources, then it's a reasonable thing to do," said Michelle Naughton, a Pepsi-Cola North America spokeswoman.Jul 27, 2007

Is Aquafina better than tap water?

Aquafina uses an extensive purification process that includes reverse osmosis. In fact, Aquafina says their water “exceeds the purity standards set by the federal government“. So, while their water is collected from tap water sources Aquafina make sure the water is purified and of good quality before bottling.

What company makes Aquafina water?

PepsiCo Inc.

Who is the manufacturer of Aquafina water?

Aquafina® is a product of PepsiCo Beverages Americas (PBA), a division of PepsiCo. Aquafina goes through a state-of-the-art purification process so that you get the refreshment your body craves in its purest form. Pure Water. Perfect Taste.

Where does Walmart bottled water come from?

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File Wal-Mart gets its bottled water from drought-ridden California. The company sources the water for its "Great Value" brand from Sacramento's municipal water supply, according to labeling on the gallon jugs, CBS Sacramento reports.May 12, 2015

Who owns Aquafina water?


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