What is the story behind Sao Alicization?

What is the story behind Sao Alicization?

It takes place after the Phantom Bullet Arc as Kirito begins his new job of testing a new FullDive technology called Soul Translator (STL) via a new virtual world called Underworld. In case of Kirito, he experiences a new life in the so-called Underworld and meets two new friends Alice and Eugeo.

Who is the enemy in Sao Alicization?

Gabriel Miller, also known as Subtilizer (in Gun Gale Online) and Emperor Vector (in Alicization), is the main antagonist in the second half of Sword Art Online: Alicization, known as the War of the Underworld Arc. He is also the final boss of the series' original web series version.

Is Sao Alicization censored?

Sword Art Online: Alicization is an Japanese anime that was made by A-1 Pictures, and it was released on October 7, 2018 and it is still ongoing. Aniplex of America decided to censor the show due to controversy when the episode first released, as a result a rape scene was toned down.

Is Alicization better than Sao?

Alicization is definitely the best arc from Sword Art Online (SAO Progressive not included). Reki Kawahara improved a lot. The story is extremely well written, much darker, and deeper than before. You'll see a lot of development from the characters.

How many episodes are there in Sao Alicization war of underworld?


How many episodes will SAO Alicization War of Underworld 2 have?

For the sake of part 2, we are treated with 11 episodes with the ultimatum to conclude this saga. As the longest story arc to date, SAO Underworld wanted to fully capitalize its themes such as identity, loyalty, and love.

How many episode will SAO Alicization have?

23 episodes Official listings for the series' home video releases confirmed that Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld will last for 23 episodes, and is scheduled to have eight home video releases in Japan overall.

Will there be more SAO after Alicization war of underworld?

As the anime has now been renewed, a release date for Sword Art Online season 4 has not been revealed; however, we are expecting that the 'Unital Ring' arc won't premiere until at least 2024.8 Dec 2021

Is Sao War of Underworld Part 2 over?

The second part of the series premiered on , and aired until , with a recap episode summarizing the first part airing on October 6, 2019.

What comes after Alicization War of Underworld part 2?

After Alicization comes the short story Moon Cradle, which is set before the end of the Alicization arc. Moon Cradle spans two volumes if I remember correctly. The next main installment though will be called Unital Ring and will be the final story arc for the series.

Is Alicization war of underworld finished?

Sword Art Online's massive Alicization saga has finally come to an end, and fans are bidding farewell to this season after the final episode of War of Underworld. While Sword Art Online's anime franchise will continue with a new series, this was a finale in many ways.19 Sept 2020

Is there anything after Sao Alicization war of underworld?

After the initial Alicization arc, there is the War of the Underworld arc, which takes up season 4. If you're talking about the books, after Alicization, there is the Moon Cradle arc and finally the current Unital Ring arc, which is said to be the last arc of the main series.

What is the ending of Sao Alicization?

Looking at Kirito, Alice loses her calm and confronts him for having stayed behind in the underworld. The two then duke each other out in a sword fight in Kiriko's family dojo where Alice emerges as the winner.25 Sept 2020