What is the thesis of soul by soul Walter Johnson?

What is the thesis of soul by soul Walter Johnson?

He argues that, far from violence being a sad deviation from a paternalist system, it was highly linked to the mutual dependence of slaveowners with their slaves.

What is Walter Johnson's argument in the chattel principle?

Walter Johnson takes a cultural history approach to studying antebellum slavery (in contrast to aggregating social histories) by arguing that the slave market, rather than the household or the plantation, was the defining feature of the slave South.

What is the connection between slavery and capitalism?

Capitalism has led to severe exploitation of workers working in the factories, where they are forced to work for long hours in extremely harsh conditions to make a living in order to serve the luxuries of the rich-income class. Indeed, they are almost working as slaves.Feb 2, 2019

Was slavery a capitalist form?

Slavery as a property regime was not only prototypically capitalistic for Johnson, but slaves themselves were the idealized embodiments of not only capital but also labor and consumer products in a capitalist economy.