What kind of cleaning does a cleaning service company provide?

What do cleaning companies do?

A maid service will include a full cleaning of your home. Cleaning the kitchen, including cleaning inside the microwave, wiping the appliance surfaces, counters, cabinets and sinks. In each of the rooms the cleaners will dust all the surfaces, vacuum, sweep and mop. Then, consider that type of cleaner you'll need.31 Mar 2021

What kind of cleaning does a cleaning service company provide?

Cleaning windows, glass, and any painted surfaces. Cleaning and sanitising all hard surfaces. Vacuuming or mopping floors. Cleaning general areas including reception, meeting rooms.

What does professional cleaning include?

Professional cleaning will also cover the cleaning of items such as the extractor fan grilles, dusting light bulbs and cleaning the windows. Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures. Clean window sills and wipe down doors. Dust all furniture including bottoms and sides. Clean all glass surfaces including smudges on windows.27 Jun 2019

What is the 3 main component of cleaning?

Cleaning is often achieved with detergent, water and agitation, with the visible dirt and detergent then rinsed and removed with clean water. Detergents are chemicals that remove dirt and grease, however detergents do not kill bacteria and other microorganisms.11 Nov 2020

What are the types of cleaning?

- Residential Cleaning Services. - Commercial Cleaning Services. - Janitorial Cleaning Services. - Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services. - Sanitization and Disinfection. - Green Cleaning Services. - Pressure Washing Services.