What shoes go well with a light blue suit?

What shoes go well with a light blue suit?

Brown shoes will always be acceptable when you're wearing a light blue suit. In some cases creme loafers may just work – just be careful not to look like Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon's Vacation. A dark brown monk strap or brogue will work nicely so we recommend sticking to that.Jan 31, 2021

Is light blue suit good?

Light. The light blue suit is a great happy medium for a prospective suit buyer. We wouldn't recommend it as your first suit of choice, however, when you're comfortable with the navy or classic suit you might be ready to turn it up a notch.Apr 13, 2021

What color shoes do you wear with a blue suit?

The shoes that go best with a blue suit are navy or white. Ground a blue suit with navy shoes for a sophisticated tonal look that still feels relaxed. White provides fresh contrast when worn with blue, and looks clean and crisp enough for the workplace.

Are light blue suits professional?

Light Gray & Light Blue Light Gray and Blue are very casual suit colors and are perfect for summer-wear and casual events. They are both too casual for formal events.

What is a blue suit good for?

Navy suits are the most traditional type of blue suit. As such, they're perfect for formal and business occasions, including work in an office and business meetings along with formal dinners and functions. Wearing your navy suit with a classic white shirt will create the ultimate sophisticated style.

What does a blue suit say about you?

Navy blue is the most popular suit colour and it's with good reason. Navy blue denotes authority, dependability, and loyalty, making it a staple choice for men who want to make a serious sartorial statement.Sep 28, 2018

Which suit color is best?

- Navy Blue. Like a black suit, a navy blue suit is an essential weapon in your formalwear arsenal. ... - Charcoal Grey. ... - Medium Grey. ... - Light Grey. ... - Bright Blue. ... - Dark Brown. ... - Tan. ... - Patterned.

What colour of tie goes with blue suit?

Should you be rocking a suit of the darker or more neutral variety, we have good news for you, blue suits tend to go with almost any colour tie. We like to stick to solid shades and neutral colours such as black or navy, but you might prefer the red tie and navy suit combination, which works just as well.Apr 13, 2021

What tie goes with a light blue suit?

Blue Suit with a White Shirt and a Blue Tie If you wear a dark blue suit, choose a light, powder blue tie. What is this? A light blue suit will call for a darker blue tie. As the two shades are closely related, it's perfectly okay to go for a patterned or striped tie.

Can I wear GREY shoes with blue suit?

Grey Shoes I really love this colour, and usually wear these with jeans. The grey suede works fine with blue and black denim, and I think that this style and colour works equally as well with a blue suit.Mar 9, 2018