What to say to someone when they ask you what you want for your birthday?

What to say to someone when they ask you what you want for your birthday?

If a guy asks what you want for your birthday, what can you say? - Quora. If it's not your boyfriend or partner, then say something like ' I love scented candles or flowers, thankyou' - anything that is not too expensive at the bottom end of the range, but allows him to be extravagant if he wants to.

When someone asks what I want for my birthday?

Remember, when someone is asking you what you want for your birthday, they're really saying that they care about you. Asking for what you really want for your birthday isn't selfish or greedy, it's respecting that the people who love you want to give you something you'll love. It's just that simple.30 Jul 2021

What to say when someone asks you what you want as a gift?

If you have something in mind and someone is asking you about it, you may as well tell them. If you don't have anything specific that you might want( or want from them), then just tell them a general description about stuff you like, being as specific or vague as you think appropriate.

What do you wish for your birthday?

- “Hope all your birthday wishes come true!” - “It's your special day — get out there and celebrate!” - “Wishing you the biggest slice of happy today.” - “I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!” - “Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us!”

How do I identify my gifts and talents?

- Take a life assessment. - Find what makes you feel strong. - Find what you spend the most money on. - Ask your friends what your best and worst qualities are. - Ask your family what you loved as a child. - Write in a journal. - Look for talent in others.

What are my natural gifts and talents?

- 1) Adaptability. In an ever-changing and fast-paced world, adaptability is a vital talent for children to have and develop. - 2) Perseverance. - 3) Honesty. - 4) Enthusiasm. - 5) Inquisitiveness. - 6) Teamwork. - 7) Entrepreneurship.

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