Where did pepper first originate from?

Where did pepper first originate from?


How long has pepper been used?

There are numerous records of pepper's medical use in India that date back at least 3000 years. Pepper was a key component in the ancient Ayurvedic system of medicine. It also found its way to China in antiquity.Sep 2, 2021

Who was the first to use black pepper?

Black pepper originated in Kerala, India and has been exported from South Asia for about 4,000 years. Pepper was essential seasoning in India (it was often referred to as “black gold”) and was of great value as a traditional medicine, featuring in early medicinal documents such as the Susrutha Samhita.

How did we discover pepper?

Archaeological evidence of people using pepper goes back to at least 2000 BC in India. ... Nonetheless, signs of an ancient pepper trade from India to Egypt have been found, including the peppercorns that had been stuffed into the nostrils of Ramses the Great (1303-1213 BC) when he was mummified.Jan 21, 2014

Where did pepper originally come from?

Peppers are native to tropical America and are particularly important in the cuisines of tropical Asia and equatorial America. Traces of pepper fruits have been found in prehistoric remains in Peru and Mexico, and the plants were widely grown in Central and South America by various pre-Columbian civilizations.

When did pepper get invented?

The first records of pepper date back to 2000 years BC when it was mentioned in ancient Indian writings, and peppercorns were found in the nostrils of the pharaoh Ramses II.Jun 11, 2019