Who bought Guaranty Bank?

Who bought Guaranty Bank?

Independent Bank Group

Is Guaranty Bank still in business?

After years of losses and weak financials, the FDIC swooped in last night and closed Guaranty Bank. For most Guaranty Bank customers, the FDIC closure order will be nothing more than an inconvenience. Of Guaranty's 119 branches, 107 of those are in grocery stores.6 May 2017

What happened to Guaranty Bank?

The 94-year-old Glendale-based bank was closed by the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, with First Citizens Bank & Trust Co. All depositors of Guaranty Bank, regardless of where they conducted business, will automatically become depositors of First Citizens, the FDIC said.5 May 2017

What did Guaranty Bank change their name to?

Guaranty Bond Bank

What is Guaranty Bank called now?

Effective Monday, Aug. 13, the former Guaranty Bank/BestBank division branches now carry the First Citizens Bank name. Signs at the former Guaranty Bank/BestBank division offices were changed to First Citizens Bank.14 Aug 2018

What happened to Guaranty Federal bank?

Guaranty Bank was absorbed into its new parent company, with its branches being rebranded as BBVA Compass outlets.

Did Guaranty Bank get bought out?

(NASDAQ: GFED) (“Guaranty”) jointly announced today the signing of a definitive agreement whereby QCR Holdings will acquire Guaranty and merge Guaranty Bank, the banking subsidiary of Guaranty into Springfield First Community Bank (“SFC Bank”), QCR Holdings' Springfield-based charter.9 Nov 2021

Who bought Guaranty Bank and Trust?

Independent Bank

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