Who is competitor of The Trade Desk?

Who is competitor of The Trade Desk?

The Trade Desk's competitors The Trade Desk's top competitors include Telaria, AdColony, Beeswax, Viant and Yahoo. The Trade Desk is a technology company that offers a self-service technology platform to manage digital advertising campaigns. Telaria is a company operating a data-driven software platform.

Does Trade Desk compete with Google?

Trade Desk has expanded its market share to close to 8% and continues to beat the growth trajectory of market leader Google, with a 40% market share. Trade Desk continues to challenge Google by investing in online advertising segments like audio and streaming TV, where Google does not have a commanding presence.Mar 5, 2021

What companies use The Trade Desk?

Company Name Website Top Level Industry ------------------------ --------------------------- ------------------ Huntington National Bank huntington.com Finance Sapient publicisgroupe.com Business Services Live Nation livenationentertainment.com Entertainment GroupM groupm.com Finance

Is The Trade Desk a good company?

95% of employees at The Trade Desk say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Our customers would rate the service we deliver as "excellent." Our facilities contribute to a good working environment. Management is honest and ethical in its business practices.

Who are customers of The Trade Desk?

The Trade Desk empowers advertisers around the world to create sophisticated, omnichannel advertising campaigns. Clients include advertising agencies and trading desks, brands and marketers, and businesses offering new services in real-time-bidding (RTB).

What does The Trade Desk company do?

The Trade Desk Inc (TTD) is a global technology company that markets a software platform used by digital ad buyers to purchase data-driven digital advertising campaigns across various ad formats and devices.

Who are trade desks competitors?

- Mediaocean. - Facebook for Business. - Google Campaign Manager. - Adobe Advertising Cloud. - Amazon Advertising. - Quantcast Platform. - Adform Flow. - Amobee.

What is unique about The Trade Desk?

Whether it's Connected TV, audio, out-of-home, or display, we can help you reach a billion more people than “walled garden" platforms, with more precision across every channel and device.

How is magnite different from trade desk?

Magnite, like The Trade Desk, offers a software platform for digital advertising, and charges fees for this service. But Magnite focuses on the publishers of digital content, giving them the ability to monetize that content by selling ad space to advertisers.Jun 29, 2021

Is trade desk a SaaS company?

Chris Neiger (The Trade Desk): Investors looking for a great SaaS stock that looks like a screaming buy right now should consider The Trade Desk. If you're unfamiliar with what the company does, Trade Desk's advertising platform helps companies deliver ads across the internet, mobile devices, and connected TVs.May 16, 2021