You can fill a butane lighter.

There are different types of lighters that use butane as a fuel source.Re refilling a butane lighter is very easy, even if you have a torch lighter, an electronic lighter or even a cigarette lighter.First, you need to clean the lighter.You can put the butane fuel into the lighter and wait a few minutes to see if it works.

Step 1: Work in a well-ventilated area.

A small amount of butane in your lighter can irritate your eyes and skin.You can refill your lighter in an open space or in a well-ventilated room.If you're refilling your lighter indoors, open the windows.Improve air circulation in the room by turning on a fan.

Step 2: Work on a sturdy surface.

When you refill your lighter, you should put a newspaper or drop cloth on your work surface because butane can spray onto it.A clean and stable surface is ideal for a desk, countertop, or table.If you're working outside, make sure you use a surface that's dry and clean so you don't get dirt in your lighter.

Step 3: Make sure the lighter isn't hot.

Don't refill your lighter until you've used it.You need to allow enough time for your lighter to cool off before you try to refill it.Wait at least 30 minutes before refilling your lighter.

Step 4: The flame knob should be turned clockwise with a screwdriver.

The minimum height setting is what you want the flame height adjustment to be set to.To turn the dial clockwise, use a small screwdriver.The adjusting screw has a slot for a screwdriver.A special key is needed to turn the adjusting screw on some butane lighters.You don't need a screwdriver to set your lighter to the minimum setting if it has a wheel to adjust the flame height.Don't push the screw.It may be set to the minimum setting if it isn't turning anymore.

Step 5: The air inside the refilling valve should be let out with a screwdriver.

Press down on the valve with the end of the screwdriver if you want to open it.If you hear a hissing sound, keep the valve open.The butane can be injected into the lighter and it can break it.

Step 6: The lighter is upside down.

If you want to avoid accidentally injecting air into the lighter, always refill it in an upside-down position.Injecting air into the lighter can cause it to malfunction.You need to hold the can of butane upside-down when you refill your lighter.

Step 7: Shake the can to refill it.

The butane is inside the can.The heavier butane settles at the bottom of the can so you need to shake the bottle toprime it.Good shakes can be given to prime it.

Step 8: Press the stem of the can to open the refill valve.

Attach the end of the stem from the can of butane to the refill valve by holding the lighter upside-down.If you hold the lighter at an angle, it could bend the stem of the can and allow air in.It should fit over the valve.

Step 9: You can refill the lighter with three-second bursts.

If you want to spray butane into the lighter, you have to use the stem of the can.The lighter is full because the butane will leak from the stem and won't go into the lighter.Depending on how empty the lighter is, it may take a few minutes to fill it.The gauge on the lighter shows the fuel level.To make sure it's full, check the gauge.Don't overfill the lighter.Stop adding butane when it feels full.

Step 10: The flame adjuster should be turned back up.

The flame height adjusting dial needs to be turned back up now that the lighter has been refilled with butane.You don't have to raise it all the way, but you want to make sure the lighter is tested properly.If it was completely out of fuel, keeping the lighter set at the minimum setting can make it harder to start.

Step 11: Wait 5 minutes to allow the butane to reach the room temperature.

The butane from the can was cooler than the room temperature.Waiting 5 minutes will allow excess butane from the lighter's exterior to evaporate so it won't catch fire.

Step 12: Light the lighter and it will start a fire.

Hold the lighter a safe distance away from you.You should be able to see the flame.Make sure the lighter is flowing smoothly by starting and stopping it a few times.The flame height can be adjusted.If the flame is weak or the lighter doesn't produce a flame, you may need to add more butane.

Step 13: Store the butane in a safe place.

Put the can of butane in a place away from heat when you're done refilling your lighter.You don't want to risk an explosion or fire with butane.A drawer is a good place to keep butane.Store butane in a hard-to-reach area if you have small children.